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Avatier Identity Management Suite


Identity Management for the Mobile Workforce.

Modern UI Experience

Designed for the mobile workforce, AIMS 10 offers an all-new user interface. Our clarity, consistency, and familiarity allow you to do everything more quickly and conveniently from anywhere. So using Avatier is a whole new experience. One that's more convenient and responsive than ever.

Mobilize Identity Management
Responsive Design Anywhere

Responsive Design Anywhere

AIMS 10 makes all the ways you're used to administering more convenient. Critical administrative actions like resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, deleting users, disabling access are all 24/7 operations. This means we needed to design an interface that works from anywhere at anytime. This is why AIMS 10 delivers such actions from laptops, tablets, mobile devices and their corresponding orientations.

Use & Learn Identity Management
Contextual Help Built-In

Contextual Help Built-In

Turn your Avatier support staff into experts with structured learning as they perform administrative operations and activities. Leverage the experience of Avatier Customer Service specialists through dynamically updated contextual videos and knowledgebase articles. Receive the highest levels of learning in real time. Develop yourself as you work.

IAM Best Practices & Guidelines
Smart Start Empowerment

Smart Start Empowerment

Imagine identity management configuration that anyone can follow. Gone are the days of high paid consultants and project overruns. With Smart Start, best practices and implementation guidelines are now at your fingertips.

Anytime you deploy a new AIMS' module or train a new administrator follow the Smart Start steps to ensure implementation success with built-in videos and knowledge base links. Configure and learn as you go. Smart Start provides best practices, structured learning, optimal configuration, and consistent results.

Mac Password Reset Kiosk™

Mac Password Reset Kiosk™

Avatier continues to innovate and introduces in AIMS 10 the new Mac Reset Kiosk™. Now, Mac users, just as Microsoft Windows users have been accustomed to doing, can reset passwords without needing to log onto the network.

Multifactor Authentication Experience

Multifactor Authentication Experience

Not all users carry a cell phone that's why AIMS 10 makes multifactor authentication available to anyone who has an alternative email address.

Extend your AIMS SMS authentication to work with secondary email. No longer do users require a cell phone or downloaded app to use secondary authentication for passwords resets. Stop paying for third party tokens, smart cards and readers for multi-factor authentication. Secure password resets with multifactor authentication without adding equipment costs.

Auto Update Privilege Changes

Auto Update Privilege Changes

Update privileges and automatically update previously assigned entitlements. Policy changes are problematic for companies that depend heavily on automated IT operations. Modifying user privileges, managing risks associated with changes and maintaining compliance can degrade operational consistencies and cause loss of overall integrity within the company.

AIMS 10 avoids noncompliance and privilege misuse by coordinating privilege changes automatically to ensure everyone remains up-to-date with company policies.

Encryption Key Rotation

Encryption Key Rotation™

Secure Identity Management starts with Avatier's new Encryption Key Rotation™ by enabling manual rotation of customer-unique encryption keys.

Government agencies, the financial industry, and all organizations vulnerable to zero-day exploits will be comforted to discover that Avatier AIMS 10 includes a state-of-the-art security layer that provides protection on top of today's most current encryption technology.

Rotation of encryption keys for secure data and the planning of how often an organization rotates keys are now available with Avatier AIMS 10 along with two-factor, multifactor, and two-party recovery in the event the unique encryption keys are lost.

ServiceNow Connector

ServiceNow Connector

With over 2000 customers world-wide, of which more than 400 are Global 2000 organizations, ServiceNow is one of the world's fastest-growing SaaS companies. AIMS 10 lets you create and manage ServiceNow users using our user-centric identity management system. Use AIMS to perform ServiceNow user provisioning, enterprise password management and single sign-on operations. In AIMS, create users, assign roles, and enforce group memberships. Reset passwords, unlock accounts, synchronize passwords, and secure access with SMS authentication. Capture all AIMS events in ServiceNow using ticketing integration.

Google's New API Connector

Google's New API Connector

With more than 1.43 million apps, the number of Google apps doubled last year. To ensure integration with Google's new API, AIMS 10 includes an updated connector to perform user provisioning, enterprise password management and single sign-on operations. Capture all access to your Google applications in AIMS through their new API. In AIMS, create users, assign roles, and enforce group memberships. Reset passwords, unlock accounts, synchronize passwords, and secure access with SMS authentication.