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Single Sign On (SSO) Login Solutions

In companies around the world, employees have to struggle with multiple passwords and multiple logons to access necessary networks, applications, web sites, documents, and other data. And, in a corporate world filled with hackers and the constant danger of a breach of security, all of the passwords must be unique and fairly complex so they cannot be easily cracked.

When you have to remember many login names and passwords, you create the potential for security breaches. When business users write down their login names and passwords they create security vulnerabilities. Avatier specializes in providing affordable, effective, open source SSO solutions to companies and organizations around the globe.

Take Advantage Of Single Sign On Technology Today

SSO allows business users to access systems with a single login name and password. An SSO login gives authorized employees and system users complete and secure access to networks, web browsers, protected resources, and cloud computing services. The advantages to using SSO software are many. For example, when employees only need to remember one login name and password, they are less likely to complain about the necessity of it being complex or feel the need to write it down.

Avatier SSO software solution comes with a secure method for resetting a SSO login and password without calling a help desk or technician. Thus, open source SSO from Avatier will increase worker productivity and reduce unnecessary calls to your help desk.

Avatier Single Sign On Software Solution In The Press

Avatier Corporation, a leading provider of global Identity and Password Management solutions, today announced that it will resell Version3's Simple Sign-On (SSO) solution alongside its Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS), offering the industry a comprehensive IAM solution with web single sign-on capabilities. Incorporating proven technology from Version3, AIMS with SSO integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory environments and its web-based platform enables customers to realize the benefits of SSO without installing a client on each desktop. Version3's SSO further enhances Avatier's ability to deliver the only multilingual, end-to-end IAM suite to consistently prove ROI in three to six months.

To find out more about open source SSO products and password management software solutions, contact Avatier today.