Gartner Password Management Tools Market Overview

Research on enterprise password management software self-service password reset, identity governance and administration solutions.

Gartner Password Management Tools Market Overview

Password management business enablement, administration, and identity governance

The 2014 Gartner Password Management Tools research provides market overview requirements and reviews of password management tools. It covers vendor capability descriptions for standalone tools that provide self-service password reset and password synchronization. The research also includes identity governance and administration (IGA) self-service password reset and delegated administration tools for which password management is a function.

Avatier Password Station™ allows employees, contractors, consultants, partners and customers to securely reset their passwords. With Password Station business users can unlock and manage their accounts at anytime.

Password Station eliminates all password related and RSA SecurID help desk calls. It enables secure self-service password management. With Password Station business users synchronize one strengthened password across all enterprise systems and cloud subscriptions.

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Gartner Password Management Tools Business Enablement

Self-service password reset and password management for all

With out-of-the-box support for 30 languages, Password Station enables business users to securely reset forgotten passwords using the web, phone PIN, voice recognition, desktop kiosks, RSA Tokens, smart cards, and Window’s logon.

Password Station protects an organization’s user accounts and identities. It provides a unified enterprise help desk web console that guarantees end-user identity and validation. Password Station automates event ticketing of all password management activities. It includes compliance review and IT audit reports.

With rapid deployments, minimal administrative support and improved operational efficiency, Password Station™ offers a low cost solution for enterprises of all sizes across all industries.

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Gartner Password Management Tools Administration

Password management deployments, configuration and maintenance

The Password Station server architecture allows for deployments to large populations of users on low cost VM servers. Whereas, our competitors require more expensive web servers due to the limitations of their I/O architecture.

Password Station upgrades new versions to a client with a click. Our competitors require extensive upgrade services, additional support costs, and deployment delays that can last weeks.

Avatier Identity Management Software suite (AIMS) with Password Station offers the quickest time to value on the market. It requires minimal resources to deploy and maintain. Password Station is the easiest to extend to additional target systems and custom applications.

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Unified Gartner Identity Governance and Administration

One IGA solution for user provisioning, access governance and password management operations

Password Station is part of a unified identity governance and administration solution. Avatier Identity Management Software Suite (AIMS) unifies identity management, access governance and enterprise password management administration through workflow automation and self-service delegated administration.

AIMS offers a holistic solution for enterprise identity management and password management operations. AIMS automates regulatory compliance IT audit review reporting. It enables business user delegated administration by offering self-service password management, user provisioning, and access governance while improving information security. AIMS features an iconic interface leading to high user adoption by offering an intuitive user experience. AIMS offers the quickest time-to-value with rapid deployments, minimal monthly administrative support, and more efficient operations.

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