Workflow Approval Software

A workflow management system automatically routes requests to completion

Workflow approval software puts workflow automation into a service catalog, identity management and request management systems.

Workflow Approval Automation

Workflow Approval Automation

To manage business services, IT services, groups, and identities, workflow approval software streamlines the fulfillment processes. Workflow approval software puts workflow automation into a request management system. It uses workflow automation to route requests through an approval cycle regardless of the hierarchy and complexity.

Workflow approval software manages requests through multiple approvers and stakeholders. Workflow approval software lets you manage assets and requests for the following:

  • Service Catalog: accounts and access, backups and storage, communication and setup, desktop computing, email and calendar, help and support, and networks and connectivity.
  • User Provisioning: identity and access, equipment and provisions, systems and application access, physical network and system access, and facility access.
  • Access Governance: access certification and access verification, compliance audits, IT audit, IT governance, identity governance, information technology audit.
  • Group Management: group creation, group memberships, group provisions, group privileges, group expiration, group member expiration.
  • Compliance Management: FERPA compliance, FIPS 200, NIST 800-53, PCI DSS compliance, SOX 302, SOX 404, and SOX 802 compliance.
Workflow Manager Approval Software

Workflow Manager Approval Software

Workflow Manager automates workflow approval processes. It eliminates delays and productivity loss. Workflow Manager automates approval workflow to standardize operations and ensure compliance. It provides 24/7 accesses via the web and a mobile application. Workflow Manager makes workflow approval efficient for all stakeholders required for fulfillment. Without compromising security, it enforces approval workflow and processes through information from authoritative sources and a business rules engine.

Workflow Manager approval workflow software configures to leading enterprise systems, applications and cloud subscriptions by giving you real-time visibility into a request’s status, the approvers, their actions, and the time. It ensures approval workflow follows corporate policy, compliance, and laws through time sensitive re-routing and automated escalations.

Workflow Manager Software Features

Workflow Manager configures and connects to leading enterprise systems. It gives you a way to readily enable an automated approval system without custom development. Workflow Manager delivers the following enterprise capabilities:

  • An intuitive interface for all approvals for IT service catalog, identity management, access governance, and business service requests.
  • Dynamic workflow engine to proactively engage and comply with service catalog, access management and IT services requests.
  • Multi-level approval management routes requests with complex fulfillment requirements and multiple approvers.
  • Full workflow and request management audit reporting of request management fulfillment and approvers.
  • Automated workflow escalations with automatic re-routing and reassignments when triggered by system requests and rules.
  • Administrative oversight gives an administrator absolute oversight over business and IT service catalog requests.
  • Request management assurance streamlines fulfillment by automating the communication to all approvers in the workflow.
  • An authoritative source workflow engine routes requests according to corporate policies, compliance requirements and business rules.