Request Management Approvals

Deliver on the promise of uninterrupted service request management fulfillment

Offer everyone in an approval chain a self-service portal to access, approve, deny and reroute requests at anytime on any device.

Service Request Management Approvals

Workflow Manager gives you service request management approval capabilities. Through a self-service portal, approvers receive requests along with the information they need to make decisions. Workflow Manager offers greater control, complete visibility, and enhanced security. It delivers a means for sustaining operational efficiency. Our service request management approval solution fits the needs of any organization. Through configurable workflow automation and action request system, Workflow Manager tailors to the needs of your business for faster turnaround and fulfillment.

Workflow Manager includes and anytime anywhere mobile application for service request management. With over 90 connectors instantly available, it rapidly deploys and configures to workflows, entitlements and systems without coding. Through a self-service portal, Workflow Manager lets you review requests, check status and escalate stalled approvals. It simplifies process management requests regardless of the fulfillment source. Whether it’s for system access, business services, or facility access, Workflow Manager supports all enterprise organizations, group members, and user accounts.

Service Request Management Workflow

Workflow Manager improves operational efficiency by managing service requests’ approval workflow. It integrates with leading enterprise ITSM, ERP, HR, ITIL, service catalog, and ticketing systems. Workflow Manager configures to systems, applications and databases without coding to bring workflow approval management to all organizations. It uses business rules to meet compliance regulations and accommodate change brought by acquisitions and mergers. Whether you want to provision new hires, grant facility access, move offices, or change benefits, Workflow Manager makes service request management fulfillment happen.

Workflow Manager lets you fulfill requests and automatically escalate stalled requests. With a built-in workflow engine and business rules engine, service management requests are automatically routed to the appropriate business manager for approval. Workflow Manager delivers business value by improving operations and enhancing security. It automatically escalates stalled requests based on timeouts, insufficient information, and whatever conditions you establish. Through fast and efficient service request management, Workflow Manager takes enterprise operations to the next level.