Service Catalog Management

Service catalog management helps meet business goals by increasing operational efficiency. It ensures fiscal responsibility through asset budgeting and automated cost controls and compliance management. Service catalog management relies on an online store or self-service portal for making requests. In automating workflow, a service catalog management system routes approvals for fulfillment while enforcing corporate policies and requirements.

Effective service catalog management encompasses a collection of activities previously shared across an enterprise as services were often requested directly to the granting party. Business services, facility access, help desk services, IT services, self-service administration, and user account provisioning all should be managed through a single request system.

Service Catalog Management Controls

Service catalog management provides control over physical resources, IT services and enterprise operations. A service catalog management system establishes a partnership between IT and the business units. For handling service requests, it results in greater operational efficiency at a lower cost. Effective service catalog management helps meet business goals by increasing operational efficiency.

Service catalog management includes built-in audit controls and compliance management capabilities. It reduces risks while optimizing the timely allocation of resources. A service catalog management system frees valued IT professionals from request management and makes them available for more strategic activities. Avatier Service Catalog provides a graphical configuration interface to help manage the service catalog easily as the business changes.