ITIL Service Catalogue

An ITIL service catalogue for the business world with risk management

Let business users shop for the services, assets and access they need via an online store.

Avatier ITIL Service Catalogue

An ITIL service catalogue is a critical need in the business world to ensure business users request and understand what services are available to them. Traditionally, Service Catalogues have been static and unintuitive, which often resulted in poor acceptance from business users. With Avatier’s Service Catalog, Business Users can shop for the services, assets and access they need via an online store.

The Avatier business and IT Service Catalog offers the traditional ITIL service catalogue view into information technology services. Additionally, it gives you the full capabilities of an action request system by automating workflows and providing integration to on-premise and cloud-based systems. Through a web-based, self-service portal, employees, consultants and partners can access the solution at anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

The Avatier Service Catalog uses an online shopping semaphore for enabling self-service requests. Whether you need equipment, system access, business services, office supplies, servers, credit cards, facility access, and literally anything required on the job. Service Catalog offers business process flexibility particularly for global enterprises operating in heavily regulated industries.

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One Service Catalogue for All

The Avatier Service Catalog automates requests for IT and business operations. In the past, these requests were often managed by separate IT and business processes. Since the business and IT are merging into one cohesive unit, it makes sense to place all services that impact a business user into a single Service Catalogue.

Technical Service Catalogue

A technical service catalogue describes all IT services. It gives a real time status of all requester and approver actions. For help desk operations, IT professionals can view an escalation path easily to efficiently troubleshoot calls.

Automated Service Catalogue

An automated service catalog allows business users request and receive services automatically without further IT involvement. This is more than a service catalogue. It is a request catalogue that uses data from authoritative sources in conjunction with workflow automation to enable self-service and integration capabilities.

Business Service Catalogue

A business service catalogue includes IT and company-specific services. For example, items in an electric power company’s business service catalogue will vary from a healthcare organisation’s catalogue, because their operations differ. Companies in the same industry often have different business service catalogues, because their compliance regulations will vary based on the locale.