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Workflow Authoritative Sources

Automate IT operations like on-boarding new hires, transfers, and employee terminations

The Avatier Service Catalog takes data from one or more authoritative source to configure requests in alignment with an organization's existing infrastructure, business rules, and compliance regulations. Service Catalog reduces risks by eliminating inefficiency.

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Authoritative Sources and IT Automation Authoritative Sources and IT Automation

Authoritative sources are LDAP systems like Microsoft Active Directory LightweightDirectory Services (AD LDS), Novell eDirectory (NDS), OpenLDAP, Oracle InternetDirectory, and the IBM iSeries organizations. Data from authoritative sources can be used to automate IT operations like on-boarding new hires, transferring employees, and terminating user accounts from physical and logical access control systems.

Data from authoritative sources is used in conjunction with a business rules' engine and workflow automation software. Together, an organization can synchronize business processes and IT operations to control access to facilities, networks, and enterprise systems. As a result, data from authoritative sources serves to reduce the time taken for user account provisioning and access management while eliminating human errors and preventing out of compliance operations.

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Authoritative Sources and Corporate Governance Authoritative Sources and Corporate Governance

The Avatier Service Catalog can take data from one or more authoritative source and configure a request management solution to an organization's existing infrastructure and compliance regulations. By enforcing business throughout a workflow approval system, Service Catalog automatically reduces risks through built in IT audit controls and corporate governance reporting.

Often requests and the process for logical access to systems and physical access to facilities involve email, phone calls, and paper-based communication among various departments. These manual and semi-manual processes can be error prone with consequences. As a result, an enterprise can experience high costs of operation, activities outside of corporate compliance and increased information security risk exposure.

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Authoritative Sources and Avatier Service Catalog Authoritative Sources and Avatier Service Catalog

The Avatier Service Catalog with virtually any authoritative source and access control system. By leveraging information from an authoritative source, Service Catalog streamlines business processes and IT service request management. Simultaneously, Service Catalog includes all the intelligence to take action and provide notifications throughout the workflow approval process regardless of complexity.

For example to ensure access authorization, access governance policies must be satisfied before provisioning privileges to a connected system. Regardless of the outcome, Service Catalog will send notifications to approvers, stakeholders and the requester while generating a log for the entire transaction for future IT audits. The entire process is repeated and transmitted to the downstream access control systems when an identity is terminated in the authoritative source.

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