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Approval Workflow Manager

Automate approval workflow from enterprise request management systems

An approval workflow manager eliminates manual hand-offs and routes requests to the right systems, stakeholders and auditors.

Approval Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager lets automate and approval workflow across an enterprise. Approval workflow manager software routes requests to right identities and groups while eliminating manual handoffs. It accelerates business operations and efficiency.

By automating workflow from authoritative sources and enforcing security, Workflow Manager reduces an organization's risk exposure and optimizes operations. It enforces consistency across enterprise systems, applications, and service catalog requests. Workflow Manager automates and simplifies IT security workflow management, request management, and identity and access management.

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Enterprise Approval Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager offers a web and mobile application for request management and approval workflow. It enables an organization to leverage information from authoritative sources. Workflow Manager applies business rules to ensure business operations.

Workflow Manager removes human error from approval processes. It lets you automate request management procedures, fulfillment and compliance reporting. Workflow Manager tracks and enforces approval activities, time schedules, and escalations. You can even assign approvals to appropriate people and systems regardless of a request's complexity.

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Approval Workflow Manager Application Connectors

Workflow Manager configures to leading leading enterprise systems, applications and cloud subscriptions. It unifies access management, user provisioning, service catalog and information security risk management. Through our mobile anytime, anywhere approval workflow manager, you can approve, deny and redirect requests.

Workflow Manager's connectors enable workflow automation. Using configuration rather than time consuming custom development, it allows approval workflow to enterprise systems. Workflow Manager automates approval tasks to reduce the time required for fulfillment with built in risk management capabilities.

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Approval Workflow Manager User Experience

Workflow Manager let you take action on request management and identity management approvals. From any device, you can approve requests to leading business applications and services. It even gives you the power to assign work to other approvers and resources.

When requests' stall, Workflow Manager automatically escalates to route requests through fulfillment. It seamlessly integrates with business applications, processes, and IT audit compliance reviews. Workflow Managers lets business users take action to standardize request approval workflows.

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