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Approval Request Management

Approval workflow automation for service request management systems

An approval request management system lets you automate workflow for requests from enterprise systems.

Approval Request Management

Approval Request Management

Workflow Manager gives you a self-service portal to approve requests from enterprise systems. It enables approval workflow for service catalog, identity management, access management, and user provisioning requests. Workflow Manager lets approvers take action at anytime online and with a mobile application. It offers complete visibility into approval requests, approvers, comments, and time to make processes efficient and compliance transparent. Workflow Manager uses a business friendly user interface for the management of user identity, access and service requests.

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Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager Approval Request Management

Workflow Manager streamlines requests management. It automatically enables workflow to route approvals to the appropriate systems, managers, auditors and stakeholders. Workflow Manager fully integrates with leading user provisioning, access management, and request management systems to automate workflow approval processes. It enforces compliance and corporate security policies for industry and government regulations. Through self-service approvals and workflow automation, Workflow Manager streamlines request management while offering an intuitive interface with a complete view of a request's status.

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Approval Request Management System

Workflow Manager Approval System

Workflow Manager provides a secure approval system to ensure timely fulfillment of requests. Through an intuitive, graphical and internationalized interface, Workflow Manager uses data from authoritative sources and a business rules engine to route requests, trigger events, and enforce compliance. It increases security, while letting approving managers informatively view risks, and create an IT audit trail of all actions, identities, and comments. Workflow Manager streamlines the request management approval processes for business and IT operations.

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Workflow Manager

Approval Request Management Workflow Automation

Workflow Manager offers a complete view into requests, approvers and actions. It uses identity information from authorized sources and a business rules engine to route request to approvers. Workflow Manager escalates requests based on time conditions and business rules. It automatically sends email notifications to the appropriate parties in an approval chain. Workflow Manager lets you delegate request approvals to appropriate systems, approvers, and auditors. It gives you the flexible ability to delegate approval and access request authority.

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