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Action Request System

A service catalog action request system and self-service portal

Avatier Service Catalog action request system manages business and IT requests through workflow automation and a business rules engine.

Avatier Service Catalog Action Request System

The Avatier Service Catalog delivers a self-service portal supporting business and IT service management requests. Service Catalog's workflow automation speeds and secures the service management fulfillment process by ensuring the appropriate owners are accountable for approving requests. By utilizing a simple, graphical configuration approach, the solution can easily adapt as the business changes without the need for complex scripting or development work. With Service Catalog, a single portal provides a intuitive one-stop shop for all requests.

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Action Request Self-Service Portal

With Service Catalog, a customer can be anyone. From employees, consultants, partners, suppliers and even those you sell to, Service Catalog enables self-service requests, approval processing and real-time auditing. Service Catalog lets anyone initiate a request while controlling the choices and options they can view. Service Catalog enforces asset budgets, corporate policies, and information security compliance regulations. Most important, the Service Catalog self-service portal and action request system replaces costly help desk calls and manual processes.

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Action Request Workflow Automation

Service Catalog workflow automation controls business processes and approvals regardless of the workflow complexity. Dynamic workflow derives approvers automatically and leverages the core Directory for Manager data. Not only does Service Catalog automate workflow and the request management process, it keeps track of identity, assets and access assignment records. Best of all, Service Catalog automates IT audit, compliance management, and access governance reviews.

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IT Audit and Compliance Management

Service Catalog keeps track of all user requests, workflow approval steps and granting of service requests. Since Service Catalog is the authoritative solution for all user requests, it offers compliance management assurance. Service Catalog records the actions of all users of the system, including catalog configuration administrators. Every action is tracked and available for compliance reviews. Through a single system of record for requests, Service Catalog ensures compliance audits complete with ease.

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