Governance Risk And Compliance Software Automation


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Software reduces access governance security risks and exposure. GRC software ensures corporate accountability and compliance to FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST, HIPAA, NERC and SOX regulations. Avatier Identity and Access Governance (IAG) software solutions provide a unified framework for identity management and access governance enterprise risk management.

Holistic GRC Software

Holistic GRC Software

Avatier GRC software enables a holistic identity management enterprise-wide solution for governance, compliance and corporate policy enforcement. Avatier GRC software solutions include asset tracking, access verification, automated audit controls, approval workflow and real time regulatory compliance reporting.

With Avatier access certification and GRC software, you streamline IT audits and compliance operations through automation, workflow approval systems, and self-service administration. Avatier GRC software reduces operational costs by eliminating manual administration while concurrently improving information and cyber security.

Avatier GRC software innovation prevents IT security risks and alerts you to out of compliance operations. Avatier GRC software automates and reduces the cost of FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST, HIPAA, NERC and SOX.

GRC Software Audit Controls<br />

GRC Software Audit Controls

Avatier GRC software aligns business performance and internal operations with information security and compliance regulations. Avatier’s automated GRC software audit controls are flexible, because they connect to most systems, applications and cloud services.

With Avatier access governance software you immediately are alerted to out of compliance privileges, unusual segmentation of duties, orphaned accounts, and group management security risks. Avatier access governance software reduces internal information security risks and prevents cyber security threats from outside an enterprise.

Avatier GRC software gives you a snapshot of every user account, its network priviledges, facility access, equipment and corporate assets, and virtually every assignment associated to an identity.

GRC Software Features and Innovation<br />

GRC Software Features and Innovation

Avatier GRC software features automated enforcement of access governance policies to prevent corporate fraud and alert you to out of compliance operations. Avatier GRC software enables line managers and non IT professionals to audit segregation of duties (SOD) and access governance across all enterprise operations.

With Avatier’s GRC software, risks become visible, information actionable, and information security compliance an activity of continuous improvement. Avatier GRC software streamlines operations by automating audit controls to ensure regulatory compliance and optimum business performance management.

Avatier GRC software automates audit controls, alerts and remediation workflow. Avatier access governance software lowers costs, improves cyber security and makes compliance reporting operational.