Strategic Services

Make your next move with an expert.

Processes First Technology Second<br />

Processes First Technology Second

Remove risk by developing clear plans aligned with your business needs and resource availability. Get on the right path by following expert guidance.

Clean Your Directories<br />

Clean Your Directories

Enable business capabilities and reduce audit risk. Remove unused and non-compliant accounts. All of this executed at a fixed cost and timeframe so you realize benefits quickly.

Know & Reduce Risks<br />

Know & Reduce Risks

Our Risk Assessment services combine years of security experience with custom tools to identify risks in your organization. Our guidance will help you reduce the risks that matter.

Prove It<br />

Prove It

Marketing materials and RFP responses do not make a solution. When evaluating a product, the most value is gained by implementing it in your world. Conduct a proof-of-concept. Try it before you buy it.

Perspective thru Results<br />

Perspective thru Results

Scope charts project success. Your scoping document allows you to hold your team, vendors and stakeholders accountable.

IT Consulting Services Strategic Planning and IT Risk Assessment

Avatier strategic services recognize identifying the appropriate strategy for a major IT initiative is critical to reducing implementation risk. This risk is particularly vulnerable in niche areas such as identity management, access risk management, and information security, since these areas are inordinately complex and require a special blend of business- and risk-based expertise. Avatier strategic services identify and manage problems threatening the execution of such initiatives so organizations can mitigate the risk. Avatier’s strategic service professionals help define the path to success providing the essential first step in completing major initiatives.

Avatier’s expert team brings IT risk management experience and a legacy of innovation to solving operational problems and guiding customers through successful security and IAM initiatives. In the core information security space, Avatier performs detailed security assessments that identify risks to your business. Avatier focuses on both system vulnerabilities and process issues. Avatier’s custom tools and IAM experts perform directory cleanup, role mining, focused scoping and full proof-of-concept implementations, which ensure success in deploying an identity and access risk management solution.

Avatier’s strategic services experts provide the guidance necessary to execute on security and IAM initiatives. Using a structured methodology, Avatier begins by setting forth a plan of action that involves identifying current technology vulnerabilities, defining an IAM rollout, and resolving account and group audit concerns through directory cleanup. To ensure the best IAM technology fit, Avatier advocates dropping the RFP/RFI time sink and instead deploys selected IAM solutions in a customers’ environment as a proofs-of-concept. Often, a proof of concept can be completed in forty-eight to seventy-two hours. This type of strategic forethought and preparation ensure potential hiccups are addressed so an organization can immediately maximize its IAM investment, while simultaneously leveraging the knowledge gained into the future implementation.

Avatier is a leading provider of enterprise IAM solutions. Avatier identity and access risk management solutions define the future of identity management. Avatier professional services specialize in enabling business line managers to take control of the identity life cycle. Avatier’s professional services leverage its patented IT storefront technology, the first provisioning approval iPad application, and a host of IT administrator power tools. In managing access certification, group management, and risk intelligence, Avatier professional services help businesses to dramatically improve time to value by maximizing operational efficiency through self service password management, user provisioning as easy as ‘shopping online’ via the IT store, and anytime anywhere ability to demonstrate access governance regulatory requirements.