Operational Services

Focus on the business. We'll manage IT operations.

Decommission services<br />

Decommission services

Realize cost and operational savings from successful decommissioning activities. Manage software licensing, ongoing server costs and business process changes efficiently.

Change management<br />

Change management

Our change management services dramatically improve the adoption rates of your critical projects. We deliver your communication plan and ensure business processes are embraced throughout the organization.

Application management<br />

Application management

Optimize the operational value of your technology investment. Our experts quickly resolve issues and proactively make enhancements that reduce costs and increase operational benefits.

Training and certification<br />

Training and certification

Our training focuses on building knowledge through hands-on labs and targeted instruction. Our training lets you meet your performance goals and reach an accelerated return on investment.

Role mining<br />

Role mining

Systems need to ensure access to the right information and resources. We analyze your access grants to find user role variances. Accelerate clean up of highly-regulated organizations.

IT Consulting Application Management and Change Management Services

Avatier operational services deliver solutions with a “business process first, technology second” mindset. Avatier’s philosophy is to elevate an organization’s IT investments to pragmatically live up to its promise. Operational services must be executed with a focus on staying in tune with a business as it changes without excessive spending to do so. This approach, in addition to proactive management of key solutions, ultimately yields dramatic cost savings and enables an organization’s technical resources to focus on core business initiatives, rather than rote IT operations.

Avatier helps companies attain these goals and capitalize on their IT investments through its unparalleled expertise in operational services. Avatier’s services’ experts help align business process change associated with new technology deployments — an aspect often neglected during major IT implementations. Avatier operational services successfully decommission old hardware, software, and permissions to help organization’s realize cost, operational savings, and improved security. Specialized training is also available through Avatier to improve the performance and expertise of an existing support staff. Avatier can fully manage an entire solution for a business as part of its application management services, thereby, relieving an organization from time-intensive yet critical operations.

Avatier’s operational services experts start with decommission activities to create an environment in which your new deployment will thrive and optimally perform. Operational services reduce and eliminate risks by assigning employees, consultants, partners, distributors, and the channel proper access to the information and resources they need on the job. Once deployed, Avatier’s experts quash problems that can threaten a deployment’s success, while making enhancements that deliver streamlined results. Since user adoption rates largely determine the effectiveness of a new deployment, Avatier offers change management services. Avatier’s training courses deliver focused education across every aspects of your deployment. With Avatier’s expert resources as a service, a business can keep its new deployment operating smoothly and securely for less.

Avatier is a leading provider of enterprise IAM solutions. Avatier identity and access risk management solutions define the future of identity management. Avatier professional services specialize in enabling business line managers to take control of the identity life cycle. Avatier’s professional services leverage its patented IT storefront technology, the first provisioning approval iPad application, and a host of IT administrator power tools. In managing access certification, group management, and risk intelligence, Avatier professional services help businesses to dramatically improve time to value by maximizing operational efficiency through self service password management, user provisioning as easy as ‘shopping online’ via the IT store, and anytime anywhere ability to demonstrate access governance regulatory requirements.