IT Security Consulting

Reduce cost and complexity. Secure your enterprise.

IT Auditor<br />

IT Auditor

Identity and Access Management Readiness

Achieve breakthrough efficiency. Enable new capabilities. Prior to embarking on an identity management initiative optimize your directory environment. Remediate directory issues before you engage.

Directory Assessment & Account Management<br />

Directory Assessment & Account Management

Active Directory & LDAP IT Security Clean-up

Directory assessment services remove unnecessary complexity. Determine whether account management processes are working as expected including inactive, expired and phantom accounts and groups.

Disaster Recovery Planning<br />

Disaster Recovery Planning

Ensure Rapid Response & Disaster Recovery

Think through the threats that can cripple an organization. Establish sound disaster recovery plans. Ensure rapid response to major incidents. Plan for disasters.

IAM Risk Management<br />

IAM Risk Management

Elevate Your Initiative's Likelihood of Success

Focus on risk mitigation before pursuing an identity and access management (IAM) initiative. Research the holistic identities needs, existing technology architecture and support capabilities.

IT Security Services<br />

IT Security Services

Protect Against Cyber Security Risks & Threats

Couple information security with business management and IT processes. Work within your existing technology infrastructure. Reduce your IT security and enterprise risk management exposure.

IT Security Consulting Services<br />

IT Security Consulting Services

Avatier IT security services represent expertise in helping enterprises, governments and universities deploy information security best practices. Our IT security services couple business performance management with compliance solutions. Our IT security solutions enable business operations flexibility while sustaining enterprise risk management continuous improvement.

Avatier IT security services cover strategy through design, testing and deployment. Throughout the process, our enterprise experts work with you to determine acceptable levels of security risk for your operations. Our holistic IT audit solutions help you to unify business processes with regulatory compliance requirements and reviews.

Avatier IT security specialists protect organizations at the lowest cost. Our solutions enhance security capabilities by leveraging workflow automation to:

  • Create operational efficiency and cost controls
  • Manage identity and access management complexity
  • Protect applications, systems and data from cyber attacks
  • Draw on analytics, security metrics and trends to mitigate risks