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SOX 320 Financial Reporting, 404 Audit Controls and 802 Fraud Prevention

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) establishes identity and access governance audit controls for publicly traded companies, their board of directors, management teams and public accounting firms. With SOX, companies must not only account for critical operations, they must also report and assess the effectiveness of their audits. SOX requires corporations to implement financial reporting controls as a means to reduce fraud and sustain continuous compliance.

Avatier identity management software solutions enable publicly traded companies to distribute audit responsibilities between business process owners, internal audit groups, and external auditors. With Avatier, SOX audits and compliance become part of daily operations rather than separate disjointed activities. Avatier makes SOX compliance an instrument of continuous security improvement and risk management. By automating IT SOX audit controls and operations, Avatier reduces the costs of regulatory compliance while improving security and lowering risks.

SOX Regulatory Compliance Automation

Avatier identity management software automates the following administration for SOX 302, 404 and 802 regulatory compliance:

  • Internal audit controls
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of audit controls
  • Identification of changes to audit controls
  • Visibility into all accesses and privileges
  • Tamper detection
  • Real time alerts and notifications
  • Retention of all audit actions, records, and communication

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