Self-Service Identity Management

Self-service identity management. It seems an impossible concept. If a company or organization has hundreds of employees, how can confidential material possibly remain confidential when the responsibility of identity management is placed in their hands? The answer is Avatier!

From its inception, Avatier has been providing the world’s most innovative identity management solutions in the world. And with our latest offering, the Avatier Identity Management Server (or AIMS), we have made self-service identity management possible, whether you employ 3 people or 300,000 people.

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Two facets of AIMS in particular were instrumental in making self-service identity management a reality. The first is Password Bouncer, which enables an employee to select whatever password he or she wishes, but only in accordance with company guidelines. Certain restrictions are set (ie., the password must be at least 10 characters long and contain 5 numerals and 5 letters), and Password Bouncer guides the employee in creating a password that meets those restrictions. Although passwords are still complex, because employees are able to choose them, they are more likely to remember them, and less likely to write them down. Of course, writing a password down defeats its very purpose by making the password discoverable. which would be a major breach of security.

The second facet of AIMS that permits self-service identity management is Password Station. If employees forget their password, all they need to do to is make a phone call or log onto the Internet to perform a secure self-reset. Within minutes, employees will regain access to the resources they are authorized for, without the help of a technician, thereby saving time and money.