Identity Governance

Focus on operational performance, business users and IT governance

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) controls each point in identity governance and administration.

Avatier Identity Governance Solutions<br />

Avatier Identity Governance Solutions

Avatier identity management solutions offer a unified platform for identity management, access governance and password management. Our identity manager delivers risk-aware intelligence through workflow automation, which allows for better decision-making.

Avatier solutions feature the following identity governance and administration capabilities:

  • Unified identity management architecture
  • Risk-aware user provisioning and access management
  • Business user IT governance and access certification audit controls
  • Comprehensive regulatory compliance management reporting
  • Robust configuration and integration with enterprise systems
  • Self-service identity management, service catalog, approval workflow management, and enterprise password management
Identity Governance Automated Workflow<br />

Identity Governance Automated Workflow

Workflow automation makes granting user account privileges and access verification possible. Regardless of role, automated workflow makes attribute based access control (ABAC) a reality. Whether a business user is an employee, contractor, partner, or supplier, an IGA workflow engine ensures access controls. Throughout the identity lifecycle from on boarding provisioning through termination and the revocation of privileges. IGA workflow automation matches security policies with access entitlements requests, approvals and governance. Avatier IGA solutions manage workflow for user provisioning, access certification and group management requests and approvals.

Identity Governance IT Compliance Management<br />

Identity Governance IT Compliance Management

Avatier identity governance solutions add another set of eyes to your organization’s access control and asset verification processes. Our identity governance software literally put access certification tools in the hands of line managers and those closest to business operations. With AIMS, business users gain visibility into provisioning and enterprise system access. They become part of IT governance operations and compliance management, because they know best what’s needed on the job. By deploying self-service compliance solutions, business owners can now analyze requests and contribute to IT audit reviews.

Identity Governance and Administration Leadership<br />

Identity Governance and Administration Leadership

Avatier provides a holistic and fully unified platform for identity and access management. Avatier identity governance solutions take a business-centric approach. By offering workflow enabled identity management processes, Avatier can enable self-service requests, approval and administration capabilities. The Avatier identity management software suite (AIMS) delivers a completely integrated solution for access certification, account provisioning, user account management, and enterprise password management. AIMS improves business efficiency at a lower operational cost. AIMS concurrently reduces IT compliance risks through workflow automation and self-service.