Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Avatier identity governance and administration software features and capabilities

Holistic identity governance and administration (IGA) software tools for IT compliance reviews, reports and identity lifecycle management.

Self-service Business User Interface<br />

Self-service Business User Interface

Business users often experience difficulty requesting the right items out of the possible enterprise roles, groups and entitlements. AIMS lets business users shop for provisioning by adding items to a cart.

Source of Truth<br />

Source of Truth

AIMS supports “sources of truth” for constituencies that are not managed by HR Feed for employees and contractors. AIMS can drive from any SQL feed with Active Directory as the authoritative source.

Delegation<br />


AIMS uses workflow automation for request approvals. Based on role, entitlements and attributes, requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers and escalated based on business rules and patented workflow.

Data Import<br />

Data Import

AIMS supports mass enrollments and data imports greater than 10,000 user entitlement records. Using an HR Feed from SQL, data imports are configured for bulk cart imports along with privilege and role imports.

Certifications<br />


AIMS supports BSR configured employee, manager and auditor certifications. AIMS certifications specify users, group and organizational relationships. Certifications include fully auditable snapshots of roles and privileges.

Provisioning and Deprovisioning<br />

Provisioning and Deprovisioning

AIMS automates onboarding provisioning of birthright accounts, roles and entitlements through an HR feed. AIMS supports managing multiple accounts for the same resource through the entire identity lifecycle to termination.

Entitlement Catalog<br />

Entitlement Catalog

The AIMS data model for the entitlement catalog can be configured to extend to add additional fields. AIMS is fully extendable to support adding and removing entitlement fields for provisioning and access certification.

Workflow Roles<br />

Workflow Roles

AIMS supports unique system roles and entitlements. AIMS lets you assign approval hierarchies and dependencies. It lets you designate parallel approvers for requests and gives an approval chain end-to-end visibility.

Segregation of Duty (SoD)<br />

Segregation of Duty (SoD)

AIMS gives administrators the ability to compose roles and entitlements using Segregation of Duty (SoD) rules. AIMS automatically prevents conflicting role assignments and privileges that are non-compliant.

Risk Intelligence<br />

Risk Intelligence

AIMS identifies high-risk users with in store intelligence, access certification governance and IT audit reports. AIMS collects risk data based on configurable conditions that trigger reports, alerts and notifications.

Compliance Reporting<br />

Compliance Reporting

AIMS unifies identity management, access management, access governance and password management reporting. AIMS offers ad-hoc reports and regularly scheduled one-click reports with trending analytics for IT audit reviews.