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Gartner Magic Quadrant IGA Role Management

Unify role life cycle management and access governance across your enterprise

The Avatier Identity Management Software Suite (AIMS) meets or exceeds most compliance regulations. AIMS minimizes IT governance risks from business users and system administrators with excessive role entitlements. Avatier identity management software ensures access certification compliance regardless of an enterprise's size, structure and complexity.

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) IGA Role Management

AIMSRole life cycle management and access governance.
AIMSImport, aggregate and correlate user information and entitlements from any platform, database or application.
AIMSImport, aggregate and correlate user information from database and flat file imports.
AIMSActivity monitoring system of record with full audit trail support.
AIMSCertification dashboard to view certification status and historical trending.
AIMSEntitlement review reports and role assignment data reports.
AIMSFERPA compliance reporting: 99.32, 99.35, 99.38 and 99.62.
AIMSNIST 800-53 compliance reporting for: AU-3, AU-6, AU-7 and CA-2.
AIMSHIPAA compliance reporting: 164.308, 164.310, and 164.312.
AIMSNERC CIP compliance reporting 001 Unusual Access, 003 access certification and 007 Security Management.
AIMSPCI DSS compliance reporting of Requirement 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
AIMSSOX 302, 404 and 802 compliance reporting and audit controls.
AIMSPatented analytics engine.
Compliance AuditorPerform role, entitlement cleanup, modifications, and tune-ups at any time.
Compliance AuditorPerform access certification revoke at anytime to cleanup access and entitlements.
Compliance AuditorPerform role and access certification.
Compliance AuditorCertify role owners and business unit owners.
Compliance AuditorRole owners, managers or other assigned resources can certify existing access.
Compliance AuditorRole and entitlement attestation.
Compliance AuditorEnterprise-class access certification compliance management.
Compliance AuditorRole and entitlement remediation.
Compliance AuditorImmediate revocation or batch revocation after a certification audit is complete.
Compliance AuditorAccount attestation and access certification for roles containing account-creation privileges.
Identity AnalyzerRole discovery and mining.
Identity AnalyzerDiscover roles and entitlements for any platform, database or application.
Identity AnalyzerMine and derive role(s) from multiple sources.
Identity AnalyzerDiscover orphan accounts through report automation and alerts.
Identity AnalyzerCreate and maintain comprehensive identity data model.
Identity AnalyzerBusiness reporting analytics engine.
Identity EnforcerDiscover entitlements for role based on users that have access to that role.
Identity EnforcerSpecify optional entitlements for a given role.
Identity EnforcerRisk assessment scoring applied to entitlements with in an IT Store and shopping cart.
Identity EnforcerPerform role administration.
Identity EnforcerPerform role approval, expiration and tuning activities at any time without interrupting workflow.
Identity EnforcerDelegate roles and entitlements at any level.
Identity EnforcerMap entitlements to HR attributes.
Identity EnforcerAutomate attributes and HR Data feeds to dynamically assign roles.
Identity EnforcerAutomated approval workflow.
Identity EnforcerAssign role approval workflow for automatic and manual processes.
Identity EnforcerAssign roles based on HR attributes aligned to a role name.
Identity EnforcerExplicit role assignment.
Identity EnforcerUse external source for mappings of user attributes.
Identity EnforcerLeverage HR data to make decisions about role assignments as well as individual attributes.
Identity EnforcerSecurity policy monitoring, of SoD, role vs. actual, terminated users, out of compliance accounts.
Identity EnforcerOne-click out-of-box reports of roles, privileges, identity management and IT audit reviews.
Identity EnforcerAudit and compliance IT controls of SoD, risks and entitlement violations.
Identity EnforcerProhibit privilege requests that violate a SoD rule.
Identity EnforcerApply risk scoring to individual entitlements.
Identity EnforcerRole model support for HR, ERP, enterprise applications.
Identity EnforcerInclude entitlements from any connected system and assign roles based on HR attributes.
Identity EnforcerModel SoD controls on roles and entitlements.
Identity EnforcerProvide data for access reconciliation and response to changes made at target systems.
Identity EnforcerInternal reporting options include one-click defined reports, GUI audit tool and direct SQL connectivity.
Identity EnforcerRole entitlements and membership reports for business and assignment data.
Identity EnforcerRisk scoring and reporting associated with entitlements.
Identity EnforcerWhite pages/organization chart services for building an org chart.
Identity EnforcerBuild roles from individual privileges and entitlements.
Identity EnforcerComplete user provisioning help desk ticketing system integration.
Identity EnforcerEvolve birthright roles and augmenting an IT Store and Shopping Cart as business job functions change.
Identity EnforcerEnforce concept of Least Privilege.
Identity EnforcerDetect Segregation of Duty (SoD) violations within and across applications.
Identity EnforcerEnforce segregation of duties (SoD) policies across multiple system types and privileges.
Identity EnforcerUser ID correlation mapping to user accounts across multiple systems.
Identity EnforcerCalculates the ROI of self-service, automation and help desk ticketing.
Identity EnforcerOne-click pre-packaged and filterable reports.
Identity EnforcerRole, rule, policy, SoD historical, tuning analysis analytics and intelligence.
Identity EnforcerDisplay role, rule, policy, SoD historical errors and conflicts.
Identity EnforcerAssign access based on business roles automatically or manually through the GUI and with workflow.
IT OperationsMine roles on user entitlements by platform, database or application for an unlimited number of systems.
IT OperationsImport via csv files or natively from LDAP directories and cloud based subscription models.
IT OperationsMine entitlements for a role based on users that have access to that role.
IT OperationsMine entitlements for a role based on individual entitlements and cloud based subscriptions.
IT OperationsMine and report on business rules and exceptions, like inappropriate access and access different from peers.
IT OperationsMine entitlements for a role based on user population from directory data to find entitlement data.
IT OperationsTop-down and bottom-up entitlement and role mining report on user and individual entitlements.
IT OperationsImport roles, rules, entitlements and hierarchical attributes from csv extract files.
IT OperationsDefine roles based on user entitlement templates and capability to see drill-down to see users similar roles.
IT OperationsCorrelate HR attributes with a user's role using multiple directory attributes to define the role.
IT OperationsIdentity and access data model supports HR, ERP and enterprise applications with a standard data format.
IT SecurityCustom correlation using web based analytics with SQL scripting.
IT SecurityAudit trail of user access to applications based on entitlement data.
Password StationEnforce password security policies within and across applications.