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Gartner Magic Quadrant IGA Integration

Reduce risks with transparent identity governance and administration

Avatier Identity Management Software Suite (AIMS) offers an integrated solution for enterprise identity management. AIMS enables self-service user provisioning, access governance and password management for employees, contractors, consultants, partners and supply chains.

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) IGA Integration

AIMSPing Identity
AIMSRSA ActivIdentity integration.
AIMSStrong Authentication integration.
AIMSSSO and federation integration.
AIMSResource access administration integration for access certification.
AIMSConfiguration for unified management of all systems.
AIMSFederated identity management integration.
AIMSUnified segregation of Duties for ERP identity management, access management and access governance.
Compliance AuditorAccess certification identity auditing.
Compliance AuditorAccess governance encryption key management.
Compliance AuditorAccess certification reporting integration.
Compliance AuditorEnterprise role management integration for access certification.
Compliance AuditorUnified access governance IT audit and compliance management.
Identity EnforcerUser provisioning reporting integration.
Identity EnforcerEnterprise role management integration for user provisioning.
Identity EnforcerResource access administration integration for user provisioning.
Identity EnforcerUnified user provisioning IT audit and compliance management.
Identity EnforcerUser account identity auditing.
Identity EnforcerUser account web access management.
Identity EnforcerUser account encryption key management.
Password StationTwo-factor authentication.
Password StationEnterprise single signon integration.
Password StationEnterprise password management identity auditing.
Password StationEnterprise password management web access management.
Password StationEnterprise password management encryption key management.
Password StationUnified enterprise password management with automated password policy enforcement.