Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 10.0

Mobile Responsive Design · Contextual Knowledge Base · Encryption Key Rotation · Seamless Multi-Factor

Deploy a unified framework for enterprise applications, cloud subscriptions, and identity security.

AIMS Updates


Mobile responsive web design framework, starting with Password Management, Help Desk, and Account Terminator

Knowledge base with contextual hooks in AIMS to 1,300 pages of documentation, FAQs and best practices

Configuration of Active Directory values to display when users do a Login ID Status

Enhanced look and feel for headers, footers and icons throughout the AIMS suite

Instructional videos with contextual hooks in the AIMS configuration module

Improved branding capability through ability to use custom CSS style sheets

Reports delegated by access controls delegate by users, groups and/or OUs

HR Feed process uses a csv file to populate HR Feed tables for processing

Smart Start best practices and instruction for AIMS products and modules

Guaranteed email delivery with IIS/Queue email capabilities

SIEM Integration allows for console and advanced logging

Enterprise and database encryption keys manual rotation

Multifactor recovery rotated encryption keys

Unlimited characters for email templates

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Certified

Password Management Enhancements


Leet or "1337", known as eleet or leetspeak incorporated in Password Bouncer password strength policy

Inclusion of who can access to Password Management in addition to exclusion ability

Enrollment data stored in database enabling greater configuration flexibility

UserPrincipalNames instead of SamAccountName user authentication

Alternative email for secondary authentication via SMS notification

Enhanced managed enrollment capabilities for Password Management

Updated translations for all supported 31 languages and dialects

Password Station access from the Mac OS pre-login screen

Lifecycle Management Enhancements


AIMS Privileges reconciled for all assigned users based on group membership modifications

Form-building tool allows variables to be passed using Advanced Database connector

Form-building tool allows variables to be passed using designation of required fields

Enhanced SLA capabilities ensure pending approvals are executed in timely manner

Form-building tool allows variables to be passed using overall field configuration

AIMS Roles reconciliation for assigned users based on privilege modifications

Multiple versions of Microsoft Exchange configurable within an environment

Microsoft Exchange 2013 support throughout the Identity Enforcer module

User property and data requests through the Identity Enforcer portal

Web service HR feed capabilities with all newly exposed fields

Workflow approvers assigned using Active Directory groups

User transfer requests through the Identity Enforcer portal

User rename requests through the Identity Enforcer portal

Exchange email requests through Identity Enforcer portal

All HR functions managed using web services reporting

Administrators can set and update Proxy My Authority

Approvers export a list of items for working off line

Enhanced Multi-Request allows for use of forms

Access Governance Enhancements


Enhanced user controls for managing projects and updating status

Ability to leverage the owner as an auditor or reviewer

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Certified

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Certified

Group Self-Service Enhancements


Email created and assigned to an Active Directory group using auto naming rules

Users can quickly add multiple users at once to a group

Configurable required and exposed fields



Added connector for HP Service Manager ticketing and user management integration

Added connector for ServiceNow ticketing and user management integration

Added connector for Cherwell ticketing and user management integration

Enhanced connector for Google Apps leveraging the new API's

Enhanced connector for RACF