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Avatier is dedicated to developing the most innovative industry leading identity management software solutions that increase information security and reduce cyber security risks for business organizations, government agencies and universities. Avatier is known for products like Password Bouncer, which enables administrators to automate guidelines for the enterprise password policy enforcement when employees set up their password access confidentials. Avatier identity management software (AIMS) and password reset tools includes over 90 configuration connectors to the most popular and widely used enterprise systems and cloud services. Avatier password management web services facilitate quick deployment using a minimum of resources. Best of all Avatier identity management and password management software is known for its amazing easy to use and administer user experience.

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The Latest and Legacy Avatier Web Services Deliver Whatever Need

With Password Station, employees who forgot their passwords log onto our secure web site where their identity is verified through two factor authentication challenge questions. Through automation, Password Station guides users through the process of generating a new password in accordance with administration guidelines that minimize hacker cracking. Once a new password is qualified, business users gain immediate access to all authorized networks, web browsers, applications, cloud computing services, and other resources. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and eliminates the need for business users to call help desk to request enterprise password management related problems.

Avatier password management software integrates with leading and legacy web services and help desk ticketing systems. Avatier enterprise password management software is easy to use for administrators and business users too. Avatier password management software and the Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) suite is internationalized for over 30 languages upon installation.

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