User Password Management

Top quality user password management is imperative in cyber security in an Internet of Everything (IoE) society. Business organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions are taking extreme measures to create the most secure networks possible. With Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) suite, it is not difficult and it is affordable to implement the optimum password security system.

Avatier is pleased to offer you premier password management utilities, among them the revolutionary Password Bouncer automated password management policy enforcement and Password Station for self-service password management administration. These outstanding programs are guaranteed to not only increase the security of your network, but they also increase business user productivity while lowering operational costs.

A downside of password systems is often business users logically want easily remembered passwords. No one wants to waste time and money waiting for an IT call center or help desk to reset a forgotten password or locked account. When you write a password down on sheet of paper and refer to it every time you login, you compromise security.

Start Using Avatier Password Management Utilities Today

Password Bouncer and Password Station literally do all of your user password management for you through automation and self-service delegated administration. Password Bouncer makes it impossible for a user to select a password that does not meet your corporate password policy requirements, such as at least 8 characters using both numbers and letters. With Avatier enterprise password management software, IT administrators set the parameters and conditions for passwords and enterprise application access. Password Bouncer ensures the creation of complex passwords that are hacker resistant.

With Password Station, business users never waste time waiting for help desk technicians to reset their passwords. Instead, they rest forgotten passwords and locked accounts themselves through the web, by calling an automated phone system, or logging in from a secure kiosk and answering two factor authentication challenge questions. Best of all, the entire process only takes minutes and will synchronize all enterprise system, application and cloud computing password for that user across all networks instantly and securely.

Find out more about Avatier’s great password management utilities and how they streamline IT operations while increasing cyber security to a maximum levels. Contact Avatier today.