Password Network Security Tools

Are you looking for extra password security? Consider the following. Seventy to eighty percent of all network damage is performed by a hacker with a stolen a password who gains access to a network. When you fortify password security through automated enforcement of enterprise password policies, you invest in the security of your intellectual property, reputation and brand. Avatier provides our worldwide customers with network security tools needed to maintain the highest level of password management protection.

A downside of password systems is often business users logically want easily remembered passwords. No one wants to waste time and money waiting for an IT call center or help desk to reset a forgotten password or locked account. When you write a password down on sheet of paper and refer to it every time you login, you compromise security.

When users pick words and names that are personal to them, like the names of a spouse and children or their place of birth, they increase the possibility an account can be breached. More alarming, if a hacker guesses the password of a network administrator, the entire network is severely compromised.

Avatier Password Reset Tools Protect Network Security

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