Password Synchronization

Password Synchronization Software Solutions

Avatier is pleased to announce the development of Password Station, which not only allows users to safely and securely reset their own passwords, but also features password synchronization and SSO (single sign on). Avatier Password Station enables password synchronization so a business user can simultaneously register for multiple accounts, networks, and applications with the same password and a single login to the network. When SSO is installed and a business user logs in to any password-protected resource, immediate access is provided to all of systems associated to the user account. Thus, SSO and password synchronization are extremely useful tools that help organizations reduce operational costs and support optimum information security.

Password Station Makes Password Synchronization Easy

Virtually any Windows directory service can be formatted to use Avatier enterprise password management software. It does not matter. Whether your password synchronization leverages LDAP, you need SSO for Unix and Windows NT. With Avatier Password Station, your costs lower as your security improves through the following ways:

  • Business users are more likely to remember a single password meaning they will not write them down and create security risks.
  • Business users are less likely to call help desk for password reset and password unlock requests saving IT operations on average $30 per call.
  • Users are more likely to accept one complex, hard-to-crack password than several, even if they are easy.
  • Administrators spend minimal time working on password management requests.
  • Password Synchronization and SSO reduce the chances of human error.
  • Password synchronization ensures enterprise password policy enforcement.

For information on SSO and password sync for LDAP and other directory service can streamline your organization’s password operations, contact an Avatier representative.