IT Service Management Password Solutions

There are many paths to IT Service Management. The necessity of a refined process becomes apparent as the help desk becomes more saturated. The process of IT service management begins with user provisioning. Avatier identity management account creator provides simple web-based dialog that allows comprehensive access and rule definition for all company groupings. To change or add alternatives, Avatier identity management account requestor makes administration a snap. IT Service Management has never been easier! Avatier products are web-services based and they deploy in the shortest time at the lowest cost of ownership. Many companies rely on outside sources to install and maintain IT Service Management. Avatier products are designed by use by internal IT Service Management personnel.

Password Management And Synchronization Programs That Work

For example, with Password Bouncer, administrators automatically enforce policies that determine how passwords are created, the combination of letters, numbers, symbols and complexity. When an employee attempts to create a password that does not follow your organization’s policies, such as requiring the first character to be a number or requiring the third character to be uppercase, Password Bouncer rejects the password and you must try again until you create a password meeting corporate policies. This eliminates employees creating passwords that can be easily guessed or cracked by a hacker, and once an acceptable password has been created, our synchronization software can automatically apply it to every account the employee has.

IT Service Management Prevents Hacking

With the dramatic rise in hackers cracking into company networks and stealing highly confidential material, protecting your intellectual property and ensuring cyber security is essential. Studies show hackers often work like hotel thieves. Hotel thieves go door to door jiggling handles. If they find an unlocked door, they will move in and steal. When a door is locked, they move on to the next room. Likewise, when hackers cannot immediately crack a password to get information, they move on to other users and try to crack an account with an easy password. Password Bouncer minimizes this problem for IT Service Management personnel by enforcing the use of strong passwords and corporate password policies. Avatier enterprise password management software allows a single strong password to be used across all applications and platforms, thereby, streamlining the administrative activities of IT Service Management professionals.

Password Bouncer and Automated Password Policy Enforcement

Password Bouncer allows management to set specific regulations regarding passwords. For instance, a password that is less than 10 characters or contains only letters will not be accepted. Essentially, Password Bouncer guides users through the process of selecting one complex password that will give them access to all of the networks and applications they are authorized for. And because users only need one password, they are less likely to write it down where others can obtain it, even if it is quite complicated.

IT Service Management Software Solutions Help Your Business

Password management is critical for IT information security. Do not risk your confidential information. To learn about how the Avatier service can be put to work for your company, call an Avatier representatives today.