Self-service Password Tools

Self-service Password Reset Tools Streamline Administration and Operations. Studies show that approximately 30 percent of all help desk calls occur to help users who have forgotten their passwords get back get back to work. When you take into account employee downtime while waiting to regain network access, each one of these calls costs on average $30. Furthermore, time spent resetting a password is time taken away from the help desk technician helping someone else. Do not let password reset requests flood your help desk call center. Software has been developed by Avatier that allows users to reset passwords themselves without calling an in-house technician.

Password Station a Premiere Help Desk Software Solution

Avatier Password Station represents the latest in help desk software. This innovative program allows users who have forgotten their password to reset it in one of three easy ways:

  1. A user can log onto our secure website, answer authenticating questions, and choose a new password in accordance with guidelines set by your account managers.
  2. A user can call our RSA SecurID Phone System, answer authenticating questions, and be assigned a new password that meets the set stipulations.
  3. A user can “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and push the Avatier Password Self-Reset button and select a new password.

With Avatier Password Station, a user not only securely resets their password without calling the help desk, the password reset is automatically synchronized across all the user’s personal applications. This added feature will save even more time, so users can get even more accomplished while working, and not be delayed or prevented from accessing their work.