Phone Dial-Up Password Reset

At Avatier, we understand that some corporate systems must be kept so secure that employees cannot even access the Internet without proper authorization. That is why we offer Triple Method dial-up password recovery for our clients who have forgotten their password.

Easy To Use Phone or Dial Up Password Reset

With Password Station, a password can be reset by phone quickly and easily. Three methods are available: One using a token, such as an RSA token, another uses a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and a third employs biometric voice recognition technology. All a client needs to do is call our authentication telephone number appropriate to the method chosen. This will direct them straight to an automated system, where the client will be prompted in accordance with the method chosen. Then, the automated system will perform a phone password reset. This means a new, secure password will be given to the client over the phone. This password will work immediately to access all accounts associated to the user.

A phone reset takes only a few minutes, which means employers do not have to worry about paying for time and productivity lost while employees wait for the help desk to reset their passwords. Plus, because it is done by automation, a dial-up password recovery is even more secure than if your employee called the help desk and talked to a live IT technician.

For more information about installing a phone password reset option for your company, contact an Avatier representative.