Password Management Programs

A skilled hacker can crack your computer password in less than a minute. For companies with highly confidential material, every security measure must be taken to keep hackers at bay. One way to accomplish this is with enterprise password management programs from Avatier, innovation leader in password management and information security systems. Simply by installing Avatier’s password synchronization software across your enterprise systems, networks and platforms, your system security will increase dramatically while your operational total cost of ownership drops.

Password Management And Synchronization Programs That Work

For example, with Password Bouncer, administrators automatically enforce policies that determine how passwords are created, the combination of letters, numbers, symbols and complexity. When an employee attempts to create a password that does not follow your organization’s policies, such as requiring the first character to be a number or requiring the third character to be uppercase, Password Bouncer rejects the password and you must try again until you create a password meeting corporate policies. This eliminates employees creating passwords that can be easily guessed or cracked by a hacker, and once an acceptable password has been created, our synchronization software can automatically apply it to every account the employee has.

One of the nicest features about Password Bouncer is that it works in perfect harmony with other Avatier programs, like Password Station, which allows employees to quickly and securely reset their password if they forget it. And, for Single-Sign-on by Avatier, Password Bouncer is the ideal companion product ensuring hard to crack passwords are supported.

To find out more about Password Bouncer, Password Station, or any of the other affordable password management programs offered by Avatier, please contact us.