Password Policy Identity Management

Implementing a password policy that will secure your confidential information can be a challenge. Studies show that a skilled hacker can crack more than 1,000 different computer passwords in only an hour or two. However, when you have a strong password policy in place through automated password management, employees are forced to meet certain requirements when they create their passwords, which are more difficult to crack. A hacker will often give up if the process is taking too long. The best way to ensure that password policies are upheld is by installing Password Bouncer and Password Station from Avatier, the global leader in password policy management and software innovation.

Password Policy With Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS)

With Password Bouncer and Password Station, you immediately see a dramatic increase in information security as well as a dramatic reduction in the amount of password-related calls to your help desk and call center. When your employees are first choosing their password, they will find they are no longer be able to pick the name of their wife, child, or pet. They will have to adhere to whatever regulations you choose, like a password must be more than 8 characters with 3 capital letters, 2 numbers, and 3 symbols. If a password does not meet your standards, it will be bounced from the system and the employee will have to try again. Once they have successfully created a password, it will immediately be synchronized across all user accounts and applications, so each employee only has one password to remember. However, if a password is forgotten, Password Station will guide the employee through resetting their password quickly and securely without calling the help desk.

With a Password Bouncer policy and Password Station, private information remains secure through automation and workflow approval. Contact Avatier to learn about our enterprise password management software solutions.