Windows XP, Win2k, Windows NT Password Recovery

If your company runs on a Windows system, you will be happy to know that Avatier, the global leader in providing identity management solutions, offers our clients Windows NT password recovery, Win2K password recovery, and Win XP Password Recovery on one easy-to-use program enterprise password management solution. This program will revolutionize the way your company works when an employee forgets a password. Eliminate paying for hours of non-productivity where employees are waiting for their passwords to be reset by technicians at the help desk. With our software, employees will be able to quickly and securely reset their own passwords within minutes.

Fast And Easy To Use Password Recovery Tools

Logging onto the Internet or making a quick phone call is all employees need to do to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts. Once employees have answered two authentication questions or entered their 4-digit personal identification number, our automated system will guide them through selecting a new password or randomly assigning one that meets administrative guidelines. Even if the resulting password is complex, because it is synchronized across all Windows systems, employees will accept it.

By eliminating the password-reset task for the technicians at the help desk, you leave them available to work on more critical problems, and you help maintain the highest levels of security due to the automated help Avatier provides. Achieving secure Windows NT password recovery, Win2K password recovery, Win XP password recovery has never been quicker, easier, or more secure than with Password Station. Contact us today to implement this innovative identity management software solution in your workplace.