Password Management

Simple, Secure, and Cost-Effective Enterprise Password Solution

Cost Effective Password Management

Cost Effective Password Management

Avatier makes password management easy and cost effective with automated password policy enforcement and self-service administration. With Avatier password management, you can implement a range of authentication methods.

Avatier Password Station lets you securely authenticate identities via the web, desktop kiosk, tokens, access cards, biometrics, and virtually every means available to an enterprise. The bottom line is Avatier password management increases business user productivity. Avatier password management reduces administration costs by:

  • Eliminating the number of help desk password reset requests.
  • Reduce the cost or your help desk burden.
  • Unify enterprise password policies.
  • Offer multiple password reset options to business users.
  • Make password management cost-effective.

Active Directory Password Management

Avatier password management software enhances Active Directory password reset security by enforcing a consistent enterprise password policy. It automates separation of duties workflow and applies two factor authentication to self-service password reset access, unlock and synchronization requests.

Avatier password management gives you a complete IT risk management audit trail of reset attempts, failed logins, and non-compliant Active Directory activities. It alerts you to unusual activities to protect critical systems and reduce an organization’s information security risks.

Avatier password management minimizes business user productivity loss by enabling around the clock access to critical systems. With Avatier password management, you both enable and protect your business against third party access to enterprise, SaaS and cloud computing Active Directory applications.

Password Management Identity Management

Password Management Identity Management

Organizations benefit when business users reset, unlock, synchronize and manage their passwords without help desk assistance. Business user self-service administration and automation reduce IT costs and simultaneously allow help desk staff to concentrate on more critical enterprise risk management activities.

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) gives you holistic tools for password management. Password Station securely enables self-service delegated administration while Password Bouncer automates password policy enforcement. Avatier password management lets you securely change passwords, reset forgotten passwords, select challenge questions, and synchronize passwords across enterprise applications and cloud computing services.

Avatier password management reduces calls to a help desk. It eliminates the #1 call center request while making organizations more secure. Password Station offers complete self-service password reset software solution. Password Bouncer puts muscle into password policy enforcement.