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Password Management System

Password management system reduces service desk and call center burden

Avatier password management system automates self-service password reset and password synchronization across enterprise systems, cloud computing and SaaS subscriptions. Avatier password management system offers business users a multiple password reset options and self-service capabilities. Avatier password management system eliminates password reset requests as the #1 call center ticket.


Avatier password management system supports remote password synchronization across enterprise servers, operational databases, software and cloud services. Password management system automation enables continuous monitoring, password alerts, and compliance risk management reports. Password management system automation delivers real time help desk ticketing integration and password policy enforcement.


Avatier password management system enables enterprise self-service password reset through secure self-service capabilities using multiple options including the web, desktop kiosk, phone PIN, voice recognition, security tokens, smart cards and biometrics. Avatier self-service password management system streamlines IT operations by empowering business users with delegated administration capabilities.


Avatier password management system automates help desk and call center ticketing. Avatier password management system integrates with leading call center systems to track automated services and calculate the return on investment (ROI) from the time and human activities removed from IT operations. With the Avatier password management system, organizations achieve rapid and sustainable ROI.

User Experience

The successful deployment of a self-service password management system requires high user adoption. ROI depends not only on multiple access options and high availability, but also the user experience and multi-language support are critical considerations. The Avatier password management system administration and self-service interface is iconic in appearance, intuitive to use, and configurable in over 30 languages.


Avatier identity management system presents numerous options for conducting enterprise password management. With the Avatier password management system, business users can reset passwords without help desk via the Web, Phone PIN, Voice Recognition, Desktop Kiosks, RSA Tokens and Smart Cards. Each option allows a flexible enterprise password management user experience.


Avatier password management system automatically keeps your network and application passwords in sync with Active Directory passwords and passwords for Unix operating systems, enterprise applications and SaaS subscriptions. With the Avatier password management system, when you reset a Microsoft Windows Active Directory password all other on linked application passwords are automatically synchronized.

Policy Enforcement

Password management systems enforce enterprise password policies for employees, consultants, partners and suppliers with system access. The Avatier password management system lets you automate password policies to safeguard information security. The Avatier password management system marries business rules with complex processing to strengthen passwords through automated password policy enforcement.

Mass Enrollment

The Avatier password management system maximizes user acceptance the first day in production. The Avatier password management system uses semi-private personnel data to auto-populate and mass enroll trusted business users. When business users first log into the password management system, they must set up their security authentication questions before accessing any systems.