Login Password Recovery and Reset

Password recovery has never been easier with help from Avatier. With our advanced password recovery software, you and your employees will be able to reset your passwords and login to your computer quickly and securely. Our login password recovery, Password Station, allows passwords to be reset online or by phone in only a matter of minutes.

Free Help Desk Operations with Advanced Login Password Recovery

The inefficiencies that result from forgotten passwords is a thing of the past once your Company has installed Password Station. We are dedicated to providing corporations with quick, easy, and secure ways for password recovery. Our advanced password recovery software is second-to-none, and with online and offline password recovery help available, you and your employees will be able to reset your passwords and make progress at work in no time. Try a free demo of our password recovery software today.

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Improve Password Login Security

Password Station strengthens your existing infrastructure by adding the following security:

  • Maintain complete IT audit trail of all password activities
  • Prevents “system administrator” permission assignments to regular staff
  • Enforce cross-platform password policy compliance
  • Automate a secure password policy and business rules
  • Relieve help desk and administrators from fulfilling password reset requests
  • Eliminate human errors from help desk administration
  • Maintain a regular password reset schedule for all user accounts
  • Verify employee identity for all password management activities
  • Detect intrusions and suspicious activities