Reduce Help Desk Password Reset Burden

Help desk outsourcing may seem like an odd concept. After all, why get help for the help desk? But, by outsourcing some of the calls made to the help desk, you can drastically reduce IT cost and expenditure at your company. Research has shown that almost one out of every three calls placed to the help desk are in reference to forgotten passwords. When this happens, you are not only paying for employee downtime as they wait to get system access, but more serious issues may be kept waiting while technicians are helping to get a user back into the system.

Why Waste Help Desk Money

That is why Avatier, the global leader in identity management solutions, is proud to offer Password Station, a help desk outsourcing program that allows users to reset their own passwords without calling a technician. All users need to do is verify their identity over the phone, Internet, or on the MS DOS screen. They will be directed to select a new password according to the company sponsored administrative guidelines. Once a new password has been chosen, it will be synchronized across all of the necessary networks immediately and the user can go straight back to work. Best of all, the entire process takes only minutes. And, since Avatier offers automated password reset devices, you do not need to worry about a technician compromising security.

Reduce IT cost and improve the password security at your company by automating password management and offering self-service password reset tools. Contact us today.