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Gartner Password Management Tools Business Enablement

Enterprise password management self-service password reset and password synchronization

Avatier Password Station

Password Station gives business users the ability to securely reset, unlock and synchronize their passwords via a web portal, touch tone phone, RSA token, voice recognition and biometric systems.

Avatier Offers:

  • Self-service password management 24 x 7
  • 100% usage with forced enrollment
  • Stronger passwords
  • Real-time, scheduled and 1-click reports

Enterprise Password Management

Gartner Password Management Tools Business Enablement

Password StationOver 15 years in password management.
Password StationSelf-service password reset and management for enterprise operating systems, directories, databases, platforms, applications, and environments.
Password StationSupport for internationalization and multiple character sets.
Password StationSupport for localization of dates, currencies, telephone numbers and addresses.
Password StationHelp-desk controlled password reset
Password StationIncludes automated help desk ticketing for password resets.
Password StationLocked ID Reset (specify interfaces in 'Comments')
Password StationIncludes multiple self-reset options including the web, phone (touch tone), voice biometrics, rsa, GINA, Windows 7, or Vista Credentials provider.
Password StationSelf-service password reset
Password StationPassword reset account unlock
Password StationReset user interfaces supported (specify in 'Comments')
Password StationMultiple options and platforms for self-service password management including web, phone (touch tone), voice biometrics, rsa, GINA, Windows 7, or Vista Credentials provider.
Password StationIntegrated Voice Response (IVR) interface support? If yes, specify vendors supported.
Password StationThe Avatier IVR password reset function is enabled by calling a special number, and announcing your employee number and PIN.
Password StationThe speech recognition matches to your PIN to assure positive authentication. In the event a token is deployed, such as an RSA SecurID, an additional factor of authentication can be introduced.
Password StationCanned challenge/response questions?
Password StationUser creation of own challenge/response questions?
Password StationCanned and user created questions used in combination?
Password StationSupport for password expiration?
Password StationSupport for resetting endpoint encryption?
Password StationSupport for alternative user authentication methods [i.e. hardware/software one-time password (OTP) tokens, out of band (OOB), etc.]? Describe.
Password StationSupport for smart cards, RSA tokens, Personal Identification Number (PIN), SMS, biometric voice recognition, CAC and PIV technologies. Integrates with existing PBX systems and installs in under an hour.
Password StationMobile device support? Describe.
Password StationTwo factor authentication to a mobile device.
Password StationHelp-desk controlled password reset.
Password StationHelp Desk controlled unlock ID.
Password StationHelp Desk controlled 1-click password reset.
Password StationHelp Desk controlled password enrollment invite.
Password StationLeverage password questions to confirm identity.
Password StationLeverage MS Active Directory field to confirm identity.
Password StationAutomatically generate password.
Password StationSelf-service Reset Phone IVR.
Password StationBranding without programming.
Password StationSelf-service change password.
Password StationSelf-service reset password.
Password StationUnlock password.
Password StationSelf-service re-enroll.
Password StationSelf-service account information.
Password StationSelf-service test password strength.
Password StationSelf-service for GINA credential provider.
Password StationSelf-service with 2-Factor (RSA / Active Identity).
Password StationSelf-service phone reset (PIN, RSA, voice biometrics).
Password StationSelf-service configuration in 30 languages and dialects out-of-the-box.
Password StationMass enrollment.
Password Station1-Time HR feed questions.
Password StationCascade questions as they are correctly answered.
Password StationEmail notifications when password is to expire.
Password StationEmail notifications to non-enrolled users.
Password StationNotify users of successful enrollment.
Password StationPassword strength indicator.
Password StationCAPTCHA support.
Password StationDate of last successful/failed question challenge displayed.
Password StationAdvanced SMS self-service password reset.
Password StationAdvanced mobile client support.
Password StationWeb SSO with full self-service password reset integration.
Password StationHosted SaaS multi-tenant SSO with full self-service password reset integration.