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Gartner Password Management Tools Administration

Market requirements for enterprise password management tools administration

Avatier Password Station

Password Station configures to leading systems, applications and databases. It allows for rapid deployments, flexible IT administration, and low maintenance operations. Password Station gives an enterprise better security at a lower administrative cost.

Avatier Offers:

  • Self-service password management 24 x 7
  • 100% usage with forced enrollment
  • Stronger passwords
  • Real-time, scheduled and 1-click reports

Enterprise Password Management

Password Station Password Management Administration

Password StationMultiple user enrollment and unenrollment options.
Password StationMass enroll with database feed from an LDAP directory and authoritative sources.
Password StationAutomated database driven enrollment with 1 time question expiration for employees, consultants, partners and customers.
Password StationSelf-enrollment for new business users to the system including.
Password StationRapid deployments.
Password StationLow cost deployments.
Password StationUpgrade ease, automation and transparency.
Password StationLANDesk Password Central partnership.
Password StationPIN reset capability for authentication tokens such as smart cards and one-time password tokens.
Password StationSupport for smart cards, RSA tokens, Personal Identification Number (PIN) and biometric voice recognition technologies.
Password StationPassword synchronization and propagation.
Password StationPassword synchronization initiated via target system password change.
Password StationConfigurable queue for number of password tries and time.
Password StationAny target system password change initiates synchronization,
Password StationSync all online available systems without aborting the process when a target system is down.
Password StationReset, sync capabilities for targets not natively supported.
Password StationSync MS Active Directory.
Password StationSync MS Windows password upon UNIX password change.
Password StationAllow business users to change their Windows password while user logged in.
Password StationAbility to change cached Windows passwords.
Password StationSupport for multiple password complexity and requirements business rules.
Password StationConnector management and custom connector development.
Password StationAgent-based system on each target system.
Password StationAgent-based system with agents on each target for Unix, as400 and mainframes.
Password StationUse target systems' native API for LDAP, SAP, Oracle, Novell, JD Edwards, Infinium, MS SQL, etc.
Password StationSupport password expiration.
Password StationSupport endpoint encryption reset.
Password StationSupport alternative user authentication methods.
Password StationSupport hardware/software one-time password (OTP) tokens, out of band (OOB), etc.
Password StationMobile device support.
Password StationCustom reset and sync capabilities for targets not natively supported out-of-the-box.
Password StationExternal identity proofing services support for challenge response.
Password StationExternal identity proofing services support for Captcha, "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".
Password StationOver 100 reports for IT audit, compliance management, and password policy available out-of-the-box.
Password StationReports for compliance regulations FERPA 99.2, NIST 800-53 Access Control (AC), HIPAA 164.308 and 164.310, and NERC CIP 010.
Password StationEvent logging and reporting.
Password StationInternational auditing.
Password StationEmail notification logs.
Password StationReports creation tool.
Password StationReport creation tools integration.
Password StationReports created through open SQL calls.
Password StationAIMS risk intelligence integration.
Password StationIntegrated contextual risk scoring.
Password StationRisk intelligence reports.
Password StationRisk trending analytics.
Password StationAutomatic notifications of significant events.
Password StationConfigurable notification settings with automatic notifications.
Password StationStatus tracking options of user enrollment.
Password StationReport mass enrollment successful logins and failures.
Password StationIdentity management capacity based on N+1 architecture.
Password StationSold as a standalone product and as part of a Gartner Identity Governance and Administration solution.
Password StationIdentity management for 0-1,000 business users.
Password StationIdentity management for 1,000-2,500 business users.
Password StationIdentity management for 2,500 – 5,000 business users.
Password StationIdentity management for 5,000-10,000 business users.
Password StationIdentity management for 10,000 – 25,000 business users.
Password StationIdentity management for > 50,000 business users.
Password StationRobust help desk ticketing capabilities.
Password StationHelp desk/problem management system integration.
Password StationHelp desk/problem management system integration for Axios Assyst, BMC, BMC/Remedy ARS, CA Unicenter, Help Desk Clarify, eFrontOffice, FrontRange HEAT, HP Service Desk, LANDesk, Peregrine Service Center, Siebel ERM, SupportSoft and Trivoli Service Desk.
Password StationConfiguration and application connectors out-of-the-box for Agilysys LMS, Agilysys LMS ARTS, Agilysys LMS Cashier, Agilysys LMS Showgate, Agilysys MMS, Bally SDS, Bally SMS, Bally Technologies ACSC – Casino, Bally Technologies ACSC – Slot, BlackboardBlackboard Enterprise Suite, CMS400, Generic Web Service (SOAPS), Google Apps, HP Service Desk, Infinium HCM/FSM, Infinium Self-Service, InfoGenesis POS, JD Edwards Enterprise One, JD Edwards One World, KRONOS AS/400, KRONOS AS/400 User/Manager.
Password StationConfigurable software application connectors out-of-the-box for IBM Lotus Notes (ID Files), IBM Lotus Notes (Web Accounts, McKesson Horizon Clinical (HCI), Micros 9700 POS, Microsoft Forefront, Microsoft Lync, Oracle E-Business Applications, PeopleSoft Remote 8.1/8.4, PeopleSoft 8.4 Above, Remote Command Line, Salesforce CRM, SAP ECC using RPC, SAP ECC with SOAP.
Password StationConfigurable connectors for IBM Directory Server, Linux Fedora Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory LightweightDirectory Services (AD LDS), Novell eDirectory (NDS), OpenLDAP, Oracle InternetDirectory, Sun Java System Directory Server iPlanet and Sun ONE.
Password StationConfigurable connectors to databases IBM, DB2/UDB, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Sybase