Forgot Password Requests Cost

Research shows that every time an employee calls the help desk to say they forgot a password to login, the cost of lost labor is as much as $30. Corporations must pay the expense of employee downtime to wait while their passwords are being reset, or they might even have to pay for an entire shift of lost time if an employee is international or works an off-shift and the help desk is closed. Furthermore, as much as thirty percent (30%) of help-desk calls are to rest a forgotten password., thereby tying up this expense-related resource and creating unnecessary bottlenecks.

Fortunately, with Avatier, a forgotten password no longer means paying for the inefficiencies that result when employees are unable to login to their computers. With Password Station, self-service password reset is easy. Just choose the method: via telephone or Internet access. Telephone password reset can be accomplished by voice recognition or entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Otherwise, just go to the internally stored Avatier website and answer a few, predetermined challenge questions to ensure positive authentication.

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Automatic Password Policy Enforcement

To further enhance security, a company can institute password-construction rules with Avatier Password Bouncer to protect against hackers. Even further enhancement is possible with the institution of a single optimum password that works across all applications and platforms for the selected user (Avatier SSO). With Avatier, not only can you get single sign on, but have this valuable facility available on bootup! Thus, employees can be up and running again, without any assistance, in only minutes. Better yet, this process is actually more secure than calling a help desk and having a technician reset the password, further helping you protect confidential materials.

Reduce Costs And Downtime With Password Solutions From Avatier

Password Station as well as all other Avatier products are compatible with several platforms, and collectively form the most affordable way for a company to protect its resources and maintain the highest level of productivity possible. To find out more about Avatier software, contact an Avatier representative today.