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Automated User Access Provisioning Software

Access management software policy enforcement and security in an IT Store

Avatier access management software supports identity authentication, access policies, user account privileges, role based user provisioning processes, automated workflow, and rule based group management through an IT Store. As easy as shopping online, Avatier extends user provisioning and access management across a unified platform to connect business users to enterprise services like no other software before.

Access Management Software OverviewAccess Management Software Overview

Every business possess information it needs to protect. To protect information, companies must define and enforce policies that govern who can access what applications and the information they can view and enter. The goal of access management software is quite simple. It is to make access decisions for business users and group members.

The implementation of access management software can be quite complex especially when access decisions are coded into business applications. Problems begin when access policies and audit requirements change, because application software must then be modified or scrapped entirely. Avatier access management software provides a nimble alternative for deploying and enforcing access policies.

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Access Management Software SecurityAccess Management Software Security

Avatier access management software includes a highly configurable interface with over 90 connectors immediately available out of the box. It allows for immediate control of access policies, uniform management of access policies and built-in software audit controls for risk and compliance management. Access management policies range from simple to complex.

Avatier access management software incorporates policies based on user identity, their role in the organization, the groups they need to belong to, the privileges they are entitled, their relationship to an organization, access governance regulations and business rules. With its patented IT store user provisioning workflow, Avatier access management software allows for fully automated and self-service access management of individuals and groups.

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Access Management Software SecurityAccess Management Software IT Store

Avatier access management software enables organizations to ensure authorized user access to systems, applications and cloud services. The access management IT store provides an efficient easy to use means to manage or better yet to have business users themselves manage their entire user provisioning and access management needs throughout the employee lifecycle.

Avatier access management software allows for timely access to new systems across multiple environments, platforms and security domains. It enforces security policies and protects against access governance risks and cyber security threats. Avatier access management software gives you centralized control of security policies for all users and groups that you set based on IT risk management considerations and business performance goals.

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