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Provisioning user access and group management with IT automation and self-service works

Provisioning user access involves activating and deactivating user accounts and group memberships. Provisioning user access and group management are done through automation and self-service. Automatic de-provisioning of user access and group memberships occurs through unmanned administration across a unified platform. Self-service provisioning links user accounts and group membership to roles.

Lifecycle Management Product Introduction<br />

Lifecycle Management Product Introduction

Provisioning User Access and Group Management Videos

Lifecycle Management is the world’s first IT store for self-service provisioning with automated user provisioning workflow. With Avatier’s access management software, business users request and receive access to the assets and applications they need. With the IT Store, business users can request and receive provisioning as easy as shopping online.

Group Self-Service Product Introduction<br />

Group Self-Service Product Introduction

Group Self-Service presents a self-service approach to group management. It makes business users responsible for access management. Avatier’s self-service group management software provides built-in audit controls for Active Directory group management that improve security by reducing cyber security risks. Group Requester frees IT staff for more critical compliance management threats.

User Provisioning and Password Reset Case Study<br />

User Provisioning and Password Reset Case Study

Learn how a global insurance brokerage firm with over 400 locations rolled-out automated user provisioning and active directory password reset capabilities to over 9,000 business users and dramatically reduced help desk requests. Through software automation and a self-service user experience, Avatier returns identity and access management to the business user.

Automative User Provisioning and Password Reset Customer Case Study<br />

Automative User Provisioning and Password Reset Customer Case Study

Intuitive Surgical is the global leader in robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery. To streamline IT processes, Intuitive sought a solution to minimize their help desk password reset and user provisioning burden. With Avatier’s Identity Management Software, Intuitive Surgical automated and transformed their user provisioning and password reset processes from hours to minutes.

Automated User Provisioning Customer Testimonial<br />

Automated User Provisioning Customer Testimonial

Healthcare IT user provisioning supports critical Gwinnett Medical business services. This video shows how Avatier’s identity management software seamlessly automates hospital new hire, transfer and termination processes. Using Avatier’s software, Gwinnett Medical Center experiences a faster, more cost effective, secure and highly scalable means for user access provisioning administration.

Returning Identity Access Management to the Business User<br />

Returning Identity Access Management to the Business User

Ryan Ward, Chief Innovation Officer at Avatier, states how Avatier continues to push the boundaries of innovation with exciting new built-in audit controls and self-service ITIL service catalog capabilities. Avatier’s identity management software revolutionizes user provisioning, access governance, IT risk management, and enterprise password management.