User Provisioning Software Solutions

Self-service Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Provisioning

Avatier user provisioning system enables business user self-service administration. Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) deploys in the shortest time at the lowest cost.

IGA User Provisioning Software<br />

IGA User Provisioning Software

Learn how the Avatier Identity Management Software Suite (AIMS) can help you. Contact us to find the right identity governance and administration (IGA) user provisioning software for you. Check out the AIMS identity management software products. Help your business become more efficient and secure.

AIMS offers a unified IGA solution. It configures to leading enterprise operating systems, databases and software applications. Out-of-the box, business users can click to render AIMS in 30 languages. Our affordable IGA user provisioning system takes less time to deploy. When compared to other solutions, AIMS delivers immediate benefits and results.

IGA User Provisioning Systems<br />

IGA User Provisioning Systems

Avatier’s identity management software enables self-service user provisioning. When a business user needs access to a system, equipment and access facilities, they make requests through an IT online store. Avatier makes user provisioning as easy as shopping online. Avatier helps reduce help desk calls and eliminate human error. AIMS frees IT professionals to address more critical and strategic information security risks.

IGA user provisioning system implementations traditionally require long-term expensive professional services engagements. The total budget for installation and deployment services generally costs more than the software. With AIMS, professional services represent only a small component of the overall cost.

User Provisioning System and Services<br />

User Provisioning System and Services

Typically, user provisioning systems require 9 to 18 months of implementation services. Avatier offers a streamlined professional services model. It begins with an on-site user provisioning readiness and hands-on feasibility assessment. The first week of this two-week paid engagement assesses your existing infrastructure.

The assessment reviews your directories, role model, administration, business processes and workflow. Avatier uses the assessment to determine IGA provisioning deployment obstacles and remediation steps. Week two consists of a 3 to 5 day proof of concept (POC). It includes an implementation of sample roles, workflow and application integration. The POC represents a subset of enterprise and HR system integration.

IGA User Provisioning Feasibility Assessment<br />

IGA User Provisioning Feasibility Assessment

After the feasibility assessment, you know the timetable for a comprehensive rollout. You gain confidence the system can go into production in a manageable timeframe. Once AIMS operates in your environment, you can derive a full-scale deployment strategy. With certainty, your user provisioning rollout plan can be achieved in weeks. By comparison, our competitors generally require months to deploy. In many cases, even a year to 18 months is common in the industry.

AIMS removes identity governance and administration user provisioning requests from your help desk burden. It gives you immediate audit controls with better security. AIMS IGA user provisioning enables business user self-service provisioning.