Compliance Identity Self Service Access

Self-service access request management saves money and time. Granting or changing user access usually involves time-consuming manual processes or automated processes via help desk or some sort of provisioning system. These processes may vary based on the industry, the business unit, or the application we are referring to, becoming inconsistent and extremely unreliable.

As a consequence, the company is more exposed to a variety of security risks and at the same time, it is more likely to fail when trying to meet compliance with internal as well as external policy.

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Deliver Convenient Access in a Controlled Environment

Avatier Identity Enforcer makes access or change request processes a lot more simple and secured. By offering a very user-friendly and self-explanatory interface, this product allows you to have a very complete and accurate view of the user access status. Identity Enforcer allows you to see who has access to what, who requested and who approved it.

Avatier Lifecycle Management makes the user access removal process a lot smoother and transparent. With Lifecycle Management, users can quickly request new access or make changes to their existing access privileges available within their role. Some of the capabilities found in the Avatier Lifecycle Management solutions include:

  • Self-Service Interface: End users can easily request access or changes on their accounts without having to contact a manager or the help desk.
  • Policy Evaluation: Constantly verifies that each access or change request meets the company policy.
  • Approval Workflow: Verify that all user access approvals are verify and recorded for future audit.


Avatier Lifecycle Management Features

  • Compliance Management
    • Policy Enforcement
    • Activity Monitoring
  • Role Management
    • Role Creation
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Role Assignment