Compliance Identity Role Creation

For the first time, both your business line managers and your technical experts can work together to create an enterprise entitlement and role model. Everything from existing complex existing business processes to technical group memberships that grant access now can now be accurately captured and organized into a visual business service catalog model. Even with layered automated tools from point-solution compliance companies, this process is so complex and time-intensive that typically takes months, or even years, to complete.

Privilege and Role Creation

Avatier’s simple role discovery technology gives your organization a fresh start on your end-user access entitlement plan and puts in place the controls to enforce your new end- user privileges and role assignments. Avatier Identity Enforcer simplifies the process of role model creation and enables collaboration between IT and business groups, by providing several methods for discovering and defining roles.

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Automate Business Role Creation with Lifecycle Management

The integrated role management feature of Lifecycle Management drastically reduces the time it takes to define roles by automating the process of grouping fine-grained entitlements into logical roles.

Taking a flexible, yet pragmatic approach to role creation, our role management supports both top-down and bottom-up role mining. The solution uses business intelligence to prioritize and suggest candidate roles from HR data by populating an ITIL Business Services Catalog. As candidate roles are agreed upon, they act as containers for bottom-up IT entitlement assignment.

Business and IT users can select the privileges that should be assigned to an enterprise role based on existing business analysis and defined end- user needs. Leveraging a variety of methods for defining or modifying business roles, Lifecycle Management captures the business context required to manage identity compliance and simplify user administration. By supporting flexible role types, role management allows users to create simple or complex role models based on what the business requires.

Lifecycle Management Features

  • Compliance Management
    • Policy Enforcement
    • Activity Monitoring
  • Role Management
    • Role Creation
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Role Assignment