Automatic Account Terminations

Avatier identity management software (AIMS) includes automatic account terminations. AIMS improves security by automatically de-provisioning user accounts upon terminations, role changes, transfers and group membership changes. Avatier identity management solutions lower software license costs by deactivating all associated accounts for former workers with one simple procedure while properly documenting the actions, automated approvals, and processes for auditors.

Lower Your Security Risks and Costs

Avatier’s automatic account terminator allows your IT staff to securely disable and/or delete employee user accounts across multiple platforms through an administrative web browser that also provides a complete audit trail. Different from traditional solutions, Account Terminator can be implemented in minutes, not months, and it instantly delivers measurable cost savings with minimal ongoing maintenance.

Automatic Account Termination Benefits

  • Reduce exposure by eliminating overlooked accounts
  • Increase IT efficiency by automating account termination
  • Facilitate security compliance

Automatic Account Terminator De-provisioning Benefits

Reduce exposure by eliminating overlooked accounts: Leverages your existing Microsoft groups and user accounts to delegate cross platform password reset and account unlock access to Help Desk individuals.

Increase IT efficiency by automating account termination: Help Desk personnel can obtain real-time account status on any platform, for any user. Status includes: Account Disabled, Account Lockout Status, Password Expiration Date, Password Age, Full Name and more.

Facilitate security compliance: The Help Desk module can be configured to not allow password reset until the end-user’s identity has been confirmed. It can also be configured to manage non-enrolled accounts.

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Automatic Account Terminator De-provisioning Features

Key account and group membership alerting: Security administrators can be automatically emailed when a flagged account is deleted or disabled. Groups can also be flagged as critical containers, such that administrators are automatically emailed any time a critical group member account is deleted.

Two Factor Deletion: Account Terminator can be configured to require manager approval for all user account deletions. The manager can authorize the deletion via email.

Disable and delete RSA SecurID tokens: Account Terminator supports de-provisioning RSA SecurID tokens.

Mailbox Archiving: As part of the Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA legislation company’s are required to keep a secure copy of former employee’s email in the event of litigation. Think of the time savings and security you will gain by deploying Account Terminator to make a back up of your end user’s mailbox and move it to a secure location prior to deletion. There is no need to purchase another product when Account Terminator makes it part of your process.

Home Directory Archiving and Home Share Removal: Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA legislation requires that you have secure copy of your former employee’s data in the unfortunate event the company is under litigation. Account Terminator compresses and moves your former end user’s Windows and Terminal Service / Citrix home directory to a secure location prior to deletion.

Delayed Delete: Now you can set accounts to disabled immediately and then configure either the number of days before they are deleted or a specific date in which to archive the mailbox, home directories, and delete the account.

User & Group Exemption: Specific user accounts, as well as entire groups of users, can be exempted from account termination.

Extensive Auditing: Everything performed in Account Terminator is audited and logged helping you to comply with requirements of legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA.

Scheduled Usage Reporting: Summary and detailed usage reports of all deletions, disables, and enables are sent hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly to system administrators.

Parallel Processing: Real-time de- provisioning demands that requests are sent to all systems simultaneously.

Expanded Platform Support: Disable, delete, or enable accounts across of the most popular operating systems, directory servers, applications, tokens, and databases.

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Identity Management Automatic Account Terminator Design Advantages

Critical Group – Proactive Monitoring and Alerting: Did you ever want to know someone just added another user to the Domain Administrator’s group? Do you think you may need to know this to comply with requirements of legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA? With Account Terminator you can sleep well knowing your critical groups are being monitored for suspicious activity. Anytime a user is removed from a monitored group system administrators are automatically alerted by email of the removed or added account. Additionally, group deletions are also monitored.

Critical Account – Proactive Monitoring and Alerting: Do you have a few special system user accounts that are used to run your corporate backups or virus scans? Have you ever found out the following day or weekend that one of those accounts were accidentally disable or deleted by your co-Administrator while trying to clean up your network? Most of us answer yes. Well with Account Terminator administrators are automatically alerted by email when a monitored account is deleted, disabled, enabled, added to a group or removed from a group. Proactive monitoring prevents the need for you to explain to your company how their critical nightly or weekly processes failed.

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