Identity Anywhere 2023 Spring Edition

MODERNIZE YOUR DIGITAL WORKFORCE WITH AVATIER, Discover all the capabilities Avatier has to offer in this updated edition.

Universal UI

Exciting New User Experience

Universal UI

Everything is best when identity is built on and deployed using the apps and platforms you love.

Discover a breakthrough, seamless, collaborative, self-service IT experience and automation for the entire enterprise without compromising privacy or security.


Login capabilities across all modules


Eliminate passwords and enable frictionless MFA. Implement continuous, risk-based authentication for your workforce and customers.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure Self-Service Passord Reset and Passwordless Identity Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

Avatier Universal MFA support enables secure password reset and passwordless login to SSO, leveraging your existing directory user login.

Support now for Microsoft Authenticator, SalesForce Authenticator, and RS Cloud.


On-Demand - Always Connected


Our new mobile app platform creates a collaborative, self-service approach to enterprise access without compromising security.

Avatier’s new mobile experience is designed for the modern workforce, giving employees, customers, contractors, and vendors a single mobile app that enables self-service business agility for time-sensitive security requests.

Free to all Avatier Cloud Customers.

Additional Key Updates

Microsoft Security Updates

Update to the latest framework

Improved security with 100 Microsoft patches for these systems:

  • Avatier Identity Anywhere
  • Avatier Identity Anywhere Agent
  • Windows Credential Provider

Push Notifications

For Mobile

Never miss a criticial notification with push for IOS, Android, and Chrome.

Push notificatoin is free to Avatier cloud customers.


Provisioning (SSO)

Single-Sign-On becomes even more powerful with Just-In-Time (JIT) provisioning that can automatically provisioning to 100’s of SaaS apps.


No Code / Low Code

Let your team customize Identity Management by leveraging the power of the Avatier Anywhere platform for your customers and workplace

Improved Cloud

Login capabilities across all modules

Improved cloud capabilities by optimizing the code to run on containerized environments.

  • Continuous Upgrades
  • High Availability
  • On-Demand Scale

Drill-Down SSO Reports

Quickly give your auditors your most-used SSO apps and who is using them.

Be a hero and save your company millions.

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