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RSA SecurID Management

RSA SecurID Management

Unfortunately, with today's technology combined with the zeal of hackers, security that relies simply on static, reusable passwords has failed time and again. And, without more reliable means, it's almost impossible to know who is actually accessing your company's most confidential resources. Fortunately, the highly skilled team at Avatier has devoted itself to making those reliable means available to you. We are pleased to announce that our Avatier Identity Management Server, which offers the most secure ID management in the industry, works in direct conjunction with the prestigious RSA SecurID Management.

RSA SecurID Management makes it possible for an employee to reset his or her own password across all of their networks and applications without the help of another person. The automated RSA SecurID Phone Reset allows users who have forgotten their password to call into a secure line, enter a private PIN number as well as some other authenticator like speaker recognition or answering one or two personal questions, and then receive a new password.

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Implement A RSA Securid PIN Managment Solution From Avatier

RSA PIN Management perfectly complements the Avatier Identity Management Server, and it only takes a few minutes for a user to be verified and allowed to reset their password or PIN. By eliminating the technician at the help desk, the PIN or password remains even more secure. There is absolutely no chance it will fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, once a password or PIN is reset, it is reset across all networks and applications. This synchronization is very convenient and just another way RSA and Avatier strive to place our customers first.

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