Netware Single Sign On

One-click access to all of your applications<br />

One-click access to all of your applications

Improve Productivity with Single Sign-On Software
Single Sign On (SSO) is one of the most time-saving tools an employee can have. No longer do they have to remember several different passwords and user names to gain access to different resources to do their jobs. Now, they only need one user name and one password, to gain access to all the resources for which they are authorized. For those corporate entities that have no other platform than Netware and do not plan to move to Active directory from Microsoft, our advice would be to stick with what you have. But, if you have or will have a mixed environment, Avatier has the best overall solution for you.

For example, on initial boot up, once you logon to Windows 2000 or later, Avatier ensures that you have immediate access to all authorized resources, and, except for Netware, you need not re-enter any passwords. The same logon and password will have been synchronized by Avatier for your Netware applications, but the login and password will have to be re-entered. In the event you need a password reset, Avatier Password Station will synchronize the login and password across all platforms including Netware. Thus, for maximum flexibility and configuration, choose Avatier.

While both Avatier and Netware single sign on offer a solution that will keep user account administration down, Avatier can do so on more platforms. We are compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, while Netware single sign on is not. Additionally, most Avatier clients see immediate cost savings and a positive return on investment in 60 days or less.

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