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Compliance Identity Risk Modeling with Compliance Auditor

In order to ensure regulatory compliance you need to have a very well developed risk management system. Many companies still struggle to efficiently protect their applications and data. They don't have an easy way to track, analyze and control the user access to these critical resources. Avatier Compliance Auditor has the capability to give them a real-time description of potential risk factors across multiple business environments and proactively manage to reduce possible compliance exposure and liability.

Compliance Auditor combines strong risk analytics with automated monitoring to allow organizations to analyze, manage and diminish risk with supreme visibility into key risk metrics.

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Quantify Risk and Prioritize Compliance Efforts

Avatier Compliance Auditor has the capability of reviewing security risk by user and resource throughout the entire IT environment. Since Compliance Auditor uses configurable algorithms, it can easily calculate and assign a risk score to each application, system resources, and even employees who have access to key systems and applications. Moreover, Compliance Auditor is constantly updating these risks scores based on a variety of factors.

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Access Governance Features

  • Compliance Management
  • Access Certification
  • Role Management
  • Role Governance
  • Identity Intelligence
  • Risk Modeling
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Architecture

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