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Avatier Identity Everywhere

The World's First Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC) Platform.

Docker Container Cloud-Independent Identity Management for Everyone.

IDaaC Platform Benefits

Future proof your Enterprise with Containerized Application Management

Total Freedom

Portable Freedom

Future-proof your enterprise with Identity AnywhereTM. Hosted Identity Management in the cloud from Avatier or locally administered by your staff, on-premise or with any cloud provider.

Native Login

Native Login

Eliminate dual-administration by authenticating using native directories without synchronization and redundant replication of users, passwords and groups in the cloud or on-premise.


Hyper Scalability

Instantly adds memory and larger cpu's to your Identity Management solution upon demand on-premise or in the cloud. Automatically spin-up new Identity Management servers instances as users and API sessions increase.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

Operate confidently and pass audits knowing that your Identity Management solution and data are privately encrypted and secured to your own instance without any co-mingling. Reduce your surface of cybersecurity vulnerability by running on a single function minified operating system.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Save upgrade time and cost regardless of on-premise or in the cloud. Automatic delivery of the latest Identity Management features and security updates without downtime.

Easy Recovery

Easy Recovery

Rollback ensures you can always get back to a previous version.

What is Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC)?

Infractructure and API

Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC) combines the best of IDaaS (cloud-only) and on premise identity management offerings while delivering greater flexibility and control than hybrid identity management solutions.

IDaaC allows innovative companies and integrators to deliver, run, and manage their identity management offerings on the most scalable, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and secure platform in the world.

Container technology is just beginning to be adopted in mass. A container is the most efficient and secure place to run applications. Containers run anywhere on premise or in any cloud.

Containers allow much higher density (20x) than traditional virtual machines from VMWare and Microsoft. Think of containers as the basics of an operating system that allows an application to run; cpu, memory and a basic data IO. The best practice is to run containers on a minified operating system; further reducing the hacker attack surface while making applications more secure.

Containers avoid tiny differences between environments which can add up to a lot of complexity when trying to move workloads between your server rack and the cloud. These tiny differences or patches also impact the underlying security and stability of your application.

Unlike traditional application maintenance which requires a person to install software, application configuration management is automated using container and orchestration scripts.

This automation moves the burden of application management to from IT administrators to dev ops. The advantage for a cloud provider is each customer can have their own dedicated application, but all customers can be managed by a series of simple scripts avoiding the need for multi-tenancy.

Orchestration provides built in load balancing, auto scaling, continuous delivery, and flexibility. Container with orchestration technology enables an application to run on most scalable, efficient, flexible, cost-effective and secure platform in the world.

Identity management and container technology combine to create Identity Management as a Container (IDaaC) for hosted cloud hosted by Avatier or anywhere delivery.

What problems do Identity Containers solve?

A new world of Identity Management delivery is here today.

A true digital transformation (DX) is taking place right now in the Identity Management space but soon it will impact all cloud solution providers.

Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC) solution can run on any cloud or even on-premise with all the administrative features that cloud providers experience today.

Imagine providing continuous delivery, horizontal and vertical scale, while not being burdened managing networking details. (IDaaC) provides all of these features while also giving you the freedom to turn over your identity to identity cloud providers but giving you the choice to take it back.

How Avatier Identity Anywhere Works For Your Business

High Availability
Developer Experience
Accelerated Value

Disrupt Identity Cloud Now!Identity Management Delivered Anywhere!

Select Avatier Hosted Cloud Offering or Choose Non-Hosted to Manage it Yourself!

Hosted pricing for Avatier Identity Anywhere (IDaaC) Platform in the cloud by Avatier.

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Single Sign-On


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Access Governance


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